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The lazy man's cake.

The lazy man's cake.

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First we put a pot on the fire and the sugar melts, until it becomes caramel, when it melts well we put the butter. In a bowl we mix eggs and whipped cream. When the sugar melts we take it off the fire and pour the egg composition, we mix continue and quickly and put again on low heat until it thickens. At the end we put the hazelnuts and mix well.

Pour the caramel cream over the first sheet, put the other sheet and press well. Put it in the fridge, while we prepare the chocolate.

In a pot, put the whipped cream on the fire and let it heat up, put the chocolate pieces and melt them until they become creamy.

Let it cool and divide it in two, continue to put it over the sheet and then put the other sheet and the chocolate on top again.

Let cool for at least an hour.

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