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Popcorn with jam

Popcorn with jam

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Beat eggs with sugar, add lard, vanilla sugar, lemon peel, ammonia and flour. Knead a non-stick dough and let cool for 15 min

On the floured table we spread a sheet and cut it with the shapes of popcorn, put them in the oven for about 15 minutes on low heat, let them cool and glue them together with jam (I used plum jam)


Ever since I discovered the milk dough, I've been playing with it. It is the most fragile and & # 8220permissive & # 8221.
So let's do something & # 8230good, good & # 8230with magician !!
It would be a shame not to take advantage of the PLUM MAGIC WITHOUT SUGAR.

250 gr flour
50 ml milk
1 teaspoon with dry yeast tip
25 ml oil
2-3 tablespoons of magiun, a little walnut
1 yolk
1 teaspoon oil

Over the freshly sifted flour, I poured warm milk mixed with oil and yeast.
I kneaded the dough a little and left it covered for 60 minutes.
I powdered the table and spread 4 sheets of 0.5 cm.
I cut the popcorn with a shape and half of them I greased with magic, and I sprinkled walnuts.
I put another cap on them and sealed them by lightly pressing the edge with my finger.
They are small like cookies & # 8230cam about 3 cm.
I greased them with a mixture of egg yolk and oil.
I placed them in the oven tray on baking paper (a tray full of eyes), and I put them at 170 gr until they browned nicely.
With a glass of warm milk they are wonderful for the autumn-winter days.
Good appetite!

The word "háj" in Hungarian even means osânza, hence the name haiose, being a Hungarian specialty, a classic winter cake. For the filling, use a sour jam, plum or apricot.


  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup lard
  • grated peel of a lemon
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • 1 sachet of dry yeast
  • 250 ml of cold milk
  • 1 or
  • a little flour for kneading.

Method of preparation

If you use bone, it must be given through the shredder. It can also be made with lard.

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Pancakes with jam

Pancakes with jam, prepared with milk and eggs, packed in four or rolled and powdered with vanilla flour

Jam cake

Lintzer cake, filled with jam, breadcrumbs and almond essence, with biscuit bar

Strawberry flavored jam!

Simple, fast, fragrant and very tasty! Don't leave anyone indifferent!

-a tablespoon of lemon juice.

1.Wash the strawberries well. Let them dry a little on a strainer. Then remove their tails and altered parts.

2.Cut the strawberries into pieces.

3. Put half of them in the pan, in which you will boil the jam. Thoroughly mix them with the blender.

4.Add the sugar. Stir.

5. Add the rest of the strawberries. Stir.

6. Boil the jam over low heat until all the sugar in it has dissolved, stirring constantly.

7. Then increase the heat to moderate-high. Gather the foam formed on the surface of the jam.

8. Boil the jam until it thickens and becomes very red and shiny, stirring frequently. Check that it is ready by putting a drop of it on a cold plate: it should not drain quickly.

9. 1 minute before removing the jam from the heat, add the lemon juice to it. Stir.

10. Transfer the strawberry jam to sterilized jars, filling them completely. Cover them with sterilized lids and close them tightly.

11. Turn the lids down and cover them with a warm blanket until they cool completely.

Jams with jam

A fasting recipe that my mother makes quite often. Even this time, I was just posing and papacy :).

  • 200g margarine
  • 5 tablespoons caster sugar
  • 1 pinch salt knife
  • 25g yeast
  • 200ml water
  • about 600g of flour (or as my mother says & # 8222cat includes & # 8221)
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • powdered sugar
  • shit or jam

Rub the yeast with a little sugar and then add 2 tablespoons of warm water and a tablespoon of flour. Stir and let it swell.

Sift 500g of flour into a higher bowl, add the leavened yeast, salt, sugar, melted margarine and gradually warm water. Knead well and leave to rise covered with a textile napkin for an hour. If necessary, add more flour.

Then grease the table with oil and cut the croissants. Ingeniously, placing a plate over the dough with the bottom up and then cutting the shape with a knife. The result is a circle that we divide into 8.

Fill each horn with shit, jam or ground walnuts mixed with jam and place them in a tray lined with baking sheet.

Let it rise for another 15 minutes and then bake for approx. 30 minutes on the right heat, in the preheated oven.

Hot, add powdered sugar and place 4 on the plate, one in the palm :). They are very fluffy, you wouldn't even say they are fasting. The next day I don't know how they are because they didn't stay :).

The recipe is taken from the magazine Practical in the kitchen.

For daily recipe recommendations, you can also find me on the Facebook page, on Youtube, on Pinterest and on Instagram. I invite you to like, subscribe and follow. Also, the group Let's cook with Amalia is waiting for you for exchanges of recipes and experiences in the kitchen.

How to prepare tart with plum jam, nuts and rum flavor

This tart brings together everything I like in a cake: it's easy to make, tastes good in butter, has a crispy top, a delicious filling and a real rum flavor. He has them all together! We also have it here in the gluten-free version.

You will find below the recipe written step by step and immediately below it I leave the video recipe. In the filming you will be able to see exactly how I made the tart top and the grill on top.

And if video recipes are useful to you, subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don't miss any! I post new video recipes twice a week. Click here to subscribe!

Peanut butter cake and bitter cherry jam

Only recently did I start eating peanut butter and I have to make up for lost time, so I cooked a cake with peanut butter @ and bitter cherry jam, sprinkled with crispy and salted hazelnuts, to contrast all the flavors.

In this recipe, I tested the agave syrup from @ This is a sweetener similar to honey, which has more calories than sugar, but because it is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar, it can be used less for get the same sweetness, so there are fewer calories in total. I come back with a detailed article about agave syrup.


1. Mix, with the mixer, the peanut butter (I used from @ with the agave syrup (also from @ and the butter. Then add the egg and a teaspoon of vanilla and mix until smooth.

2. Mix in a separate bowl: flour with a pinch of salt and baking powder and empty into the peanut butter.

3. After the dough is homogeneous, spread 2/3 of the dough on baking paper in a tray. It can be leveled with a spoon or, if necessary, it can be spread with a fork.

4. Then spread the jam over the dough (I used bitter cherry jam, but use your favorite jam).

5. Then knead the remaining dough between your fingers and sprinkle over the jam. Don't worry if it doesn't get everywhere because we will sprinkle with salted hazelnuts.

6. Finally, put the cake in the oven at 180 ° C for 30-35 minutes. Good appetite!

I also challenge you to "play" with the ingredients and "cut new flavors".

Jams with jam

Mmmm, it looks very good and you have to try the recipe. I've made some of your recipes before and they turned out super ok.
A whole man the pan.
By the way, let's not forget: when is the printable version?

Stefan, stock up on ink because I just fulfilled your request! :)
If you don't have the time or patience, you can make the jam croissants bigger (that is, divide each sheet of dough into only four pieces).

Hello dear man, I came back to your page with thanks, first of all for the cake counter recipe, which turned out so beautifully, the counter top came out so that those who ate it thought it was a counter top. later I will come back with other thanks for the jam croissants, now I put the dough to bed, I'm sure my croissants will come out. I can say with my heart that because of your recipes I also learned to make something sweet. you are the best. (mihaela)

Hi, Mihaela! There is no need for thanks, it is enough that you return with pleasure to my culinary blog and, on top of that, you also praise. It wouldn't be bad to be right, but I'm probably not the best - I think I would be satisfied if I were the second best :)) I'm really glad that my recipes helped you get better in the kitchen (I hope that the jam horns rose in height).

Hi, I'm Mihaela, the croissants came out very tasty. And yes, you are probably the best, not the second best. so many wonderful recipes, but I will definitely choose something. I will come back. paaa and thank you!

:))) After all, it's not a small thing to be the best in your preferences, you could just choose any of the hundreds of Romanian culinary blogs. If you haven't decided yet, I recommend you try the last recipe I published - not only do I love it, but it's twice as sweet as these croissants :) I left you a link to CAKE.

hello, I see you have a passion for quince jam: rolls, croissants. what's next whatever it is, it will definitely be tasty)
(I love quince jam, it reminds me of childhood)

On the other hand, Claudia, I want to get rid of jam :)) In the fall, I got this passion for cooking and I started making all kinds of jams, preserves. I almost took a bag of quince from my grandmother and now I'm bored of so much jam, it seems like it never ends :) But I discovered that it goes well in all kinds of sweets, before these croissants I used it to a cake with jam and meringue. And I won't stop here, I have a few more jars of jam - I already have some jam croissants planned: P

I see that you are constructive! very good! we are waiting for the update with quince jam)
PS. last year I didn't have enough quince to make a decent amount of jam, so I combined it with pears (more pears than quince: D), and it turned out to be a crazy jam, I could say better than the simple one! it deserves a try

Thanks for the "Print Recipe" option. It will be very useful and used.

Now I have finished baking the croissants and of course I didn't have the patience to cool them down. I also filled them with quince jam ... they are crazy. The quince jam recipe is also taken from here. so. the owner of the blog is guilty-)

Hehe, I finally have a good influence on someone too! :)) I'm already starting to feel guilty: D And a little envious, instead of cooking something today, I just bought some nonsense from a hypermarket and now I'm dying of appetite remembering how these horns smell when you take them out from the oven. Instead of croissants with hot jam, I console myself by munching on some baked corn and hoping that my masses will escape unscathed :))

If it helps you with anything. I ate for you too :)))) They are so good. I'll send it to you if you want. I have a few more. that's because I took the recipe from you :)

Hmmm. it wouldn't be bad if everyone thought like you, if only a part of those who take my recipes would send me a portion, I would never cook anything: D Yesterday I had 3469 visitors :))

And I did last night. Unfortunately I didn't have quince jam, and I loved it. Instead I put some strawberry jam and apple jam. Both options turned out great. And my father-in-law, who is crazy about "quotsaraturi", asked instead for jam, cheese and cheese. I still haven't had a chance to ask him how they came out, I'll find out tonight.

I came back with my father-in-law's answer: & quot; Do it again as soon as possible !! & quot :)))

It's clear, my father-in-law tastes good :)) I would also like these croissants with strawberry jam, but I don't seem to be very attracted to cheese.

v.s. in a few moments I will start the recipe ,, cornulete & # 39 & # 39 my niece is crazy about them. How she woke up she sent me for milk for cornulete.Good appetite and you.

I hope the niece was happy with the result.

Now the croissants are baked. As they look and smell, I think they are good. minutes. That's for ignorant people like me. By the way, you didn't put the vanilla essence. a whole man in the pan.

I added the essence, so as not to argue with me :) Usually I don't really focus on essences, salt, pepper, they are included in all recipes.
For baking I avoid giving time and temperature because not all ovens bake the same. Not even the electric ones. Not to mention here that some are very efficient, they have sophisticated baking programs. While most Romanians still own classic ovens, and most are on gas.

If you still have quince jam, I'll give you an idea: D. As a dessert, cut a thin slice of sweet cheese, put a layer of jam, and walnuts on top. Make as many layers as you want.
It's a typical dessert here, maybe you like it.

I don't have quince anymore, but now I have a peach jam that I can use to test your dessert :) Thanks for the tip!

from the pumpkin food I wanted to look at where I ended up. )) and I haven't cooked anything yet. ) instead of 50 grams of fresh yeast, how much dry yeast should I put ?!

:)) Not bad at all, you've already reached dessert. I have now modified the recipe, the small cube has 25 g. A 7 g sachet of dry yeast is enough.

thanks for the answer, tomorrow I will prepare these croissants with cherry jam and finetti. my husband and my little girl are melted for sweets, they will surely like these desserts :) thanks for the recipes.

With pleasure! I hope your family is so happy with these croissants that they & quotfortfort & quot & quot you to come back to try other recipes: D

very good! done on saturday. eaten all saturday.
see what we do instead of going to cosmetics, massage, and many others, we do various things here.
when I was little and my mother used to make cozonac, I also put some croissants like. so I was glad to see the recipe and I was executed.

:)) You make me feel guilty and envious, I went to the beach on Saturday. Maybe I should have stayed home and made croissants, so for sure I wasn't pulling my nose now and I wasn't dying of lust: D
Envious of the croissants you enjoyed as a child, it never occurred to my mother to make some croissants besides the cake. Even now he avoids raised doughs, he only makes cozonac (twice a year maximum).

You made me want it and I grabbed the croissants, now I have the first tray in the oven. My husband wants them with vanilla cream, maybe next time I will make them grow so beautiful and the house smells very nice!

With pleasure. I see that the heat outside didn't scare you, I avoided using the oven :) Maybe I should follow your example, some homemade croissants would be perfect tomorrow for breakfast.

Since I have 34 degrees in the house. no! They are very good.

Hi, my name is Erika. I tried a very tasty recipe. I tried it, excellent. From Germany, I tried it and the Germans ate it so they didn't have anything to say.

Hi Erika. I don't know much German, but they certainly had something to say :) For example: Sehr gut, danke. : D

They didn't look as good as yours, but they taste divine. Everyone appreciated them, thank you for sharing such recipes with us. :)

After all, taste is important. Knowing that I will have to photograph them for the blog, you realize that I also spend more time "quoting" them :)

super good: X thanks for all the recipes posted: D I didn't have them with the kitchen at all before and now I'm trying to make them all: D

With pleasure! After trying all the recipes, you will most certainly be able to say that you have them with the kitchen) I was saying the same thing two years ago, when I started writing this culinary blog: D

I wonder how you have time to cook so many recipes to post them, to take pictures I think I could not cope I think you sit and write at night :)) they but there must be people like you otherwise we inexperienced we would have nowhere to be inspired: D: D

:)) You were right in saying that I stay the night and write the recipes, now I see that it is past 4. It depends on what you mean by people like me, it is said that the blind man is king in the land of the blind: P

mmm. what a craving you made me for horns. one question, can i replace milk with sour cream (i have nowhere to get milk today).

Yes, you can replace it with sour cream or even yogurt.

:) I didn't have the patience to wait for the answer. I made double the amount and they came out super good. I didn't have quince jam, so half are with cherries, and half with rose flower jam (made by my father). I will definitely do it next time I come home. thanks for the recipe.

With pleasure, Tania! You didn't have patience, but you definitely had a craving :) I admit that I also crave some of the 40 horns with rose jam.

This is a great recipe. you can try it.

tomorrow I try the recipe mmmmm

I started the recipe but you have to know that I got more than 500gr of flour and to put the composition hard to be stretched, why? I just wasn't wrong with the other counts.

It's normal, you don't have to worry. It sometimes happens in the case of doughs of this kind - the amount of flour is somewhat indicative, this is also the reason why we specified how exactly the resulting dough should be.

a real success! if it helps you, you have 1 million likes from me! Yesterday I made a portion - one tray I ate the other tray guys! I also used quince jam - for the same reason to get rid of it! I filled some of them with shit - as the junior prefers, and some with sweet cheese mixed with plum and strawberry jam - these were a failure because the whole composition leaked into my tray. But today, guess what ?! double portion of dough dough! Many with jam! with shit, and for my soul I used coca for some lap in the waist with sheep's cheese. so like, like!

:) I don't know if it helps me, but it should help the undecided to try the recipe. So it would be good to get your million likes, for now I see that the recipe has accumulated only 531: D I think the jam croissants are ideal, but I remember with pleasure the shit croissants that we buy hot in class recreation first. I warned in the bearing with the thick / dry jam, but it seems that you missed it :) Anyway, I think your soul was so happy today.

An hour ago I took them out of the oven, thank you very much for the recipe. I made it with apple jam, also prepared by hand and with finetti for the boy who prefers this cream. It's the first time I've made croissants and they just came out delicious, and with a f ok look.

With pleasure, Ramona! I'm glad your horns came out first. Now that you have gained a little experience, you may be tempted to try the croissants With cheese. Okay, if you manage to make the little one forget about chocolate :)

That's it, you captivated me once more. I promised I would try a recipe here, BUT CARE. There are a lot of and extremely appetizing, and sweets, but also food.
You are amazing! and how you post and explain recipes, and how you respond to posts!
Now I cooked soup with dumplings, I have rice, cabbage, coconut. so I need a dessert!
Ah, can the yeast be from the dry one too?

Haha, I understand you. and it's hard for me to decide what my favorite recipes are. And since I'm not in a position to decide, I'm thinking of doing a survey - at least to see what the opinion of those who tried them is.
For these croissants you can use a sachet of dry yeast (7 g) instead of the cube of fresh yeast.

I made this recipe and it turned out very good. I made the dough at the bread machine and after the first round made according to the recipe I started the variations. I put the flour combined (white flour and wholemeal flour, after I finished the jam, I made the apple filling (cut into cubes, hardened with a little sugar and added a little starch) and my husband wanted to replace the sugar on top with seeds of poppy in conclusion: very good.

So you did the first round following exactly the recipe and then you got the courage :) It's as if he tempted me to try the croissants with your apple filling. Thanks for the idea!

I made this recipe 5-6 times and each time the variation was different. I also made it with cinnamon in the dough and in the apple filling. then with the lemon peel kept in sugar and in the dough and in the apple filling (without cinnamon this time) and this is what her husband liked the most. I have to admit that I experiment with networks and try to improve them to my liking. I'm Carmen and I hope to be able to put my name as soon as possible.

I also noticed that some of the best recipes we discover when we improvise.

I made croissants according to this recipe several times. Everyone in the house is excited when they do. They are so easy to make, they are not very sweet and you can eat them at any time. I also wrote down my recipe in my notebook. I can't stretch the dough (I have to practice again) to make the croissants of the same size (some are big, some small) but it doesn't matter, they are very good. Thanks for a wonderfully simple and tasty recipe!

No problem. But, in order to have something to thank me for, I also tell you a trick with which you will be able to get some approximately equal croissants :) You don't necessarily have to practice a lot, but just "adjust" the dough sheet a little while you spread it with the twister. That is, after you spread it for the first time, you bend or flatten the part that protrudes too much from the circle and shape the dough a little with your fingers. Then spread the sheet with the twister again and, if necessary, adjust again and stretch. I don't know if I explained very well, tell me if you didn't understand and I will reformulate)



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