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How to make laid eggs

How to make laid eggs

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The first rule - a perfectly laid egg comes out of a fresh egg.

Here's how to test eggs: take a glass of water and lay the egg. If it sits at the bottom, it is fresh, if it sits upright, it is 2-3 weeks old, if it floats, it is very old.

The first method of laying: put a pot of water to boil and add salt and a tablespoon of vinegar, which will help the egg to coagulate.

Break the egg into a bowl, stir a little in hot water and carefully turn the egg over. It needs only 3 minutes to simmer to be soft.

Carefully remove it with a whisk and serve on a slice of toast.

The second method: break the egg in a strainer, to remove the more liquid egg white, then put it in a bowl and as before, swirl in hot water with salt and vinegar and put the egg. If you want a harder boiled egg, leave it for 4 minutes.

The third method: put plastic food foil in the bowl, break the egg and tie it tightly. Then put it in hot water and let it boil for 3 minutes.

Serve the egg with bacon and asparagus in the oven.

Poached eggs. How they are made, when they are eaten

Poached eggs seem destined for breakfast, but I think it's better to eat them (like me, last Sunday) after nine o'clock in the morning. That doesn't mean much later - I don't know who said that if you eat things typical of late breakfast, it shows how scorched you are: you eat with your eyes after lunch, you're drunk, you crave skewers in the evening, you're really bankrupt!

So how do they do it when they eat? The preparation of the satchels is based on disarmingly simple elements - eggs, yes !, and boiling water - but it requires a craft that is not at your fingertips early in the morning, when you are with ragged eyes.

I enjoyed them at brunch, after 11.30. Spread on thin slices of tasty walnut bread, but not directly, but on a delicious mattress of fried bacon. And all the slices had found a good and nutritious bed from the arugula, which I did not get drunk with vinegar, so that I could taste it in all its greenness, if I was allowed a culinary license.

In this combination, poached eggs seemed to me an ideal brunch menu, given that I had eaten well, like on Sunday morning, at home (even a bonus slice, which I tried to slip into my wife's plate, but a sandwich on which almost transparent strips of homemade bacon had landed did not tempt her at all!). I would try them at home, for the sake of the vortex, aroused with a wooden spoon, from the bowl in which you have to strain dexter the egg exactly when the water caught brobos, but does not boil well, but I emphasize that it turns out that in the book you have to be careful with the fire, not to be too big, and with the gentleness with which you “plant” the egg in the water, from a short distance.

In Louisiana Creole cuisine, poached eggs are a staple of many gastronomic fantasies, while on other meridians, such as Latin America, poached eggs delight soups - curiously, apart from rags in the soup or chunks of omelet from the epic garlic soup enjoyed as a child, I didn't mention eggs in the soup. In Turkey, poached eggs are dipped in a plate of garlic yogurt and creamy butter over which the paprika has been sprinkled.

In Romania, more specifically in Bucharest, I ate poached eggs described at the beginning in a place discovered not allowed late (I don't know about you, but I usually check on Facebook how many of my friends, even virtual ones, were there, like to get a vague idea of ​​where I will be fasting). It's called Coftale - a junction between "coffee" and "yours" and it's really a fairytale cafe. In a short "scan" of the menu, you can realize that it is one of the Top 5 cafes in Bucharest, a place where coffee does not need flavor modifiers. In general, I do not use syrups, cream, dairy, sweeteners in coffee, because I like the rough taste. Here, the coffee has a primary aroma, even if you take an espresso or a filter.

Quiet Mihăileanu

Coftale is located on 42 Ștefan Mihăileanu Street, named after the professor and journalist of the same name, whose assassination on Liniștii Street was to lead to a Romanian-Bulgarian war. Today it is a quiet, very beautiful street, which I often walked in high school (I was in "Matei Basarab"), as well as the others in the area - Doctor Burghelea, Plantelor - escaped safely by the passage of almost 50 years of a regime that hated the physiognomy of the Capital. Coftale is in an old house, very beautiful, and the terrace in the yard, especially if you catch a splendid day, as it was last Sunday, will arouse your nostalgia.

How to make eggs in the microwave

It is good not to use microwaves in food preparation because all vitamins are destroyed. If it is a small conventional oven, it is another healthy solution, in parallel with boiling eggs in water. It is good when we can learn from each other.

Iordache Vasile, November 7, 2013

It is good not to use microwaves in food preparation because all vitamins are destroyed. If it is a small conventional oven, it is another healthy solution, in parallel with boiling eggs in water. It is good when we can learn from each other.

Sidy (Chef de cuisine), November 7, 2013

It's really worth a try! These eggs are wonderful.

kok miori, 06 November 2013

Very interesting but you don't have to consider the power of the micro oven where?

Calcan Eugen, November 6, 2013

It is good not to use microwaves in food preparation because all vitamins are destroyed. If it is a small conventional oven, it is another healthy solution, in parallel with boiling eggs in water. It is good when we can learn from each other.

Mónika Sebestyén, November 6, 2013

It is good not to use microwaves in food preparation because all vitamins are destroyed. If it is a small conventional oven, it is another healthy solution, in parallel with boiling eggs in water. It is good when we can learn from each other.

Schiopu Gabriela, November 6, 2013

It doesn't last more than 5 minutes on the stove either and I think it's healthier.

Madi Ghica, November 6, 2013

Serve in the microwave. I doubt it will catch fire.

Constantin Durlea, November 6, 2013

worth a try, thanks !!

Carmen Marchis, November 6, 2013

It is good not to use microwaves in food preparation because all vitamins are destroyed. If it is a small conventional oven, it is another healthy solution, in parallel with boiling eggs in water. It is good when we can learn from each other.

Sebestyén Tóni, November 6, 2013

yes, the egg definitely keeps its nutrients, the vinegar has an insulating effect

Anghel Ana, November 6, 2013

Does the egg still retain its nutrients ?!

Easy to do at first sight but I will never be able to try this method and thank you !!

How to Boil Eggs Properly & # 8211 Useful Tips

It's certainly not hard to boil an egg, but if you don't follow some simple rules, you may have unpleasant surprises at the end. Here are some helpful tips on how to boil eggs properly:

  • Choose a large enough vessel & # 8211 If you boil more eggs, make sure they sit lightly in the bowl, not over each other
  • Put enough water & # 8211 put water in such a way that all the eggs in the bowl are covered
  • Put eggs in the bowl before the water boils & # 8211 otherwise, due to the very large temperature variation, you risk their shell cracking
  • Do not boil eggs too much & # 8211 as soon as the water boils and the eggs start to move easily, stop the fire, cover the pan and time
  • Put boiled eggs in cold water Remove eggs from hot water as soon as the cooking time has elapsed, to avoid hardening too much, even if you have taken the pot off the heat.

How to make fresh pasta at home

prepare fresh pasta at home It's not difficult. There are only two ingredients we need: flour, eggs. We have to mix them until we get a dough like the one seen in the photo. Then we just have to expand it until we get very, very thin sheets and give it the desired shape.

To spread it we can use a roller and, better, grandma paper, this is the name of the specific car in Italy. This machine also allows us to cut the already expanded dough, for example, in the form of tagliatelle.

Do you sell special flours to prepare fresh pasta. We also find eggs with the largest orange yolk on the market, perfect for these dishes.

Remembering the proportions of flour and egg is very easy. It is always 1 egg per 100 g of flour. Easy right? Do not add salt, we will put this ingredient later in the cooking water.

Fresh pasta is boiled in lightly salted water. When the water boils, add the salt and let it cook for a few minutes (it takes much less time to cook than dry pasta). Once cooked, drain lightly and serve with our favorite sauce.

How to paint eggs naturally

The concern to color Easter eggs by the most natural methods has become more and more popular in recent years. Let's discover together techniques available to anyone, not expensive and that do not involve so much dirt on the kitchen work surface.

How to paint eggs naturally: with onion leaves

If you want to use onion leaves for painting Easter eggs then you have to keep in mind that you need more onion leaves. You can gather them in time so as not to stress then that you have to throw away the onions you don't need when preparing the dishes for the festive meal.


  • eggs
  • leaves of 1 kg of yellow onions
  • leaves of 1 kg of red onions
  • 4 tablespoons of vinegar wine
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 3-4 tablespoons of oil.

Method of preparation

Your first concern should be that the eggs you want to paint are fresh. The next step is to wash them thoroughly and degrease them with vinegar or lemon juice. Then wipe off the excess liquid with absorbent wipes and you can get to work.

Put the onion leaves in a bowl, cover them with water and boil them until the color comes out of them, about 10 minutes. Then add two tablespoons of wine vinegar and a tablespoon of salt. The next step is to add the eggs to the hot water and boil them again for another 5-6 minutes.

Then you can take them out on the napkins, and you will definitely enjoy the result. After they have cooled, you can grease them with oil for a nice shine.

How to paint eggs naturally: with the napkin technique

Although many say it is a complex method, it does not hurt to try. Children in the family or Easter guests will definitely appreciate your effort. You need more time and patience to arm yourself for guaranteed success. For starters you need napkins with beautiful patterns and a brush with soft hair.


  • Boiled eggs
  • three-layer napkins
  • a soft-bristled brush
  • 1 egg white
  • glue with glitter, optional.

Method of preparation

The first step is to wash the eggs well and boil them in salted water and vinegar. They are boiled for about 8 minutes, then drained and placed in cold water. After they have cooled well, they are drained again on the absorbent wipes and left to dry.

While the eggs are drying, you need to cut out the printed images you want from the napkins. Only the layer with the printed image is used to decorate the eggs.

The next step is to beat an egg white well enough to homogenize. Then fix the image on the egg, and apply a layer of egg white with the brush over the piece of napkin. It is very important to mention that the application of the egg white with the brush is done from the inside to the outside in order not to form wrinkles, folds or air gaps. Allow to dry. The last step is to apply glitter or other decorations, depending on your preferences.

How to paint eggs naturally: with the rice technique

If you are bored with the classic methods of painting eggs, you can try the rice technique this year. This will give the eggs a freckled appearance. But for this technique you need powdered egg paint, not the classic, liquid paint.


  • 20 eggs
  • 2 l of water
  • 2 tablespoons vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 5 bags
  • 250 g of rice
  • 5 kinds of egg powder paint
  • 1 kitchen towel
  • shine oil.

Method of preparation

The first step, as I said with the other methods, is to wash the eggs for degreasing. Then they are boiled in a bowl with water, salt and vinegar. Boil for 10 minutes.

Then take the 5 plastic bags, put in them 50 grams of rice, 4 grams of powdered dye and a teaspoon of vinegar. Squeeze the bags well and shake until the ingredients are homogeneous.

Put two hot eggs in each bag and rub lightly in your hands. The bags should be tightened around the two eggs and left for 5 minutes. The next step is to take out the eggs and let them cool as they are, with the rice on them. Then remove the rice, and finally grease the eggs with oil using a kitchen towel.

How to eat edamame

Now that you have found out how healthy green soybeans are, you will most likely want to include them in your diet. And that means you have to find out how to eat edamames.

Well, although they are similar in many ways to beans or other legumes, edamames are eaten more like vegetables - they are very good served as such or in salads. To eat the edamamas as a snack, take them out of the pod and serve only the berries.

But they can also be cooked in many ways. Wondering how much edamames boil? No more than 5-10 minutes if you do not want to lose its texture and taste.

How to use edamame in recipes:

  • Add green soybeans to salads, soups, stews, rice dishes
  • Serve boiled edamame seasoned with salt
  • Use pan-fried edamame as a garnish instead of bean pods.

The most popular recipe with edamame is the one with garlic - it is easy to prepare, tasty and can be served both as such and as a side dish.

"Make foam if I know," the viral cake on TikTok. And Jamila did

A young man caught his mother in the kitchen making a cake. Enthusiastically coming to taste it, he asked her what her name was. Not knowing exactly, seeing the recipe on the Internet in another language she does not know, the boy's mother said: "Make foam if I know."

Thus, the recipe remained that name, and everyone, funny or curious, wanted to know the list of ingredients to prepare it at home. At the moment, the videos on TikTok containing the hashtag "#safacspumedacastiu" have already gathered over 24 million views, and the trend is growing. Everyone wants to try the cake. The famous Jamila, a guru for housewives looking for unique recipes in the online environment, even talked about it.


  • 125 grams of butter
  • 1 liter of milk
  • 200 grams of flour
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • cocoa
  • vanilla and rum essence

Method of preparation

Put the milk in a pot large enough for the butter, flour and sugar to take place, and leave it on the stove until the milk heats up. Add the ingredients listed above and gently mix the whole composition until all the elements are well incorporated and the butter and sugar have melted. Stir until the composition begins to coagulate. When it reaches the desired texture, ie a viscous one, similar to that of a glaze, take the pot off the heat and divide the composition into two approximately equal quantities.

Add in one of the pots two or three tablespoons of cocoa and rum essence, then mix. In the other bowl put the vanilla essence over the composition and mix. Finally, pour the two compositions one at a time into the bowl from which the cake will be served. The first layer, the white one, with vanilla, spread it over the entire surface of the vessel and level it with a spatula. Put fish and cocoa composition. As a last step you need to powder the cocoa, then leave it in the fridge for at least three hours or overnight before serving the delicacy.


Tradition says that eggs are painted on Maundy Thursday, preferably in red, but you can also opt for other shades, such as blue, orange, yellow or green. Egg and lamb are the "star" foods that should not be missing from the Easter table.

Egg is a low calorie food, and nutritionists say that this food quickly creates a feeling of satiety. According to them, the egg is a food rich in protein, it helps you lose less muscle mass and more fat when you take a diet. So it is not because of this food that we have to worry about our figure during the Easter holidays.

Before you start painting the eggs, they must be washed well to be degreased. It is ideal to use dishwashing detergent, and then you need to rinse them well under a stream of lukewarm water.

Although it seems a simple operation, the egg is extremely pretentious when we want to boil it. To avoid breaking it, gently hammer it with your fingernail. The egg that is good to paint sounds full.

Egg painting - variant 1

The eggs are boiled in cold water. Leave it on the stove for a maximum of three minutes after the water has boiled, then put the pot in which they boiled the eggs to one side of the fire, without removing the eggs from it.

Meanwhile, in another bowl we prepare the egg paint. Add an envelope or two, depending on how much water you put in the pot, and add vinegar to intensify the shade in which you want to paint them.

The eggs are taken one by one from the pot in which they boiled two or three at a time and put in the pot where I prepared the mixture for painting. This way, the eggs do not suddenly change from cold to hot and you do not risk them breaking.

After leaving a maximum of one minute in the paint, remove the eggs from the paint and place them on a paper that will absorb the excess paint well. It is preferably a newsprint. Roll on paper so as not to form drops of paint that spoil the appearance of the eggs.

The eggs, still hot, are greased with oil, with a piece of cotton wool soaked in oil. It is important to grease them while they are still hot and have open pores, so that the oil enters the shell and the eggs have a bright, shiny color, but not greasy.

Egg painting - variant 2

In a liter of water put two medium red beets cut into large pieces. Add two tablespoons of white vinegar. Boil the eggs with the beets. You should check from time to time that they are not too dark.

Boil the beets first to leave their color in the water. After a minute of boiling the beets, add the eggs one by one. They are left on the fire for another 4 minutes after the water has boiled and they are placed on a sheet of paper. After they have been removed from the water, they are greased with oil to get a vivid hue.

Egg painting - option 3

Peel a kilogram of red onion and leave it to soak overnight, preferably for about 12 hours, in a bowl covered with two to three liters of water. The next day add to the bowl in which the onion peels are soaked two tablespoons of vinegar and boil the eggs for 10-15 minutes.

If a more intense color is desired, leave it in the pot until it acquires the desired color, but only after the pot has been removed from the heat, to prevent the eggs from breaking.

How to paint eggs naturally. The traditional method of housewives in Transylvania

In many houses, especially in Transylvania, eggs are painted on Maundy Thursday. Naturally colored, with onion and beet peels, the red eggs are then polished with bacon and placed in baskets for the joy of Easter meals with family and friends.

And the youngest housewives do not let themselves be outdone by their mothers or grandmothers, and take from them all the recipes and habits.

In the locality of Mijlocenii B & acircrg & # 259, the housewives have to work hard on Maundy Thursday. It is, according to tradition, the day of baking and egg-laying. The young girls gathered to paint Easter eggs, as they had from their mothers and grandparents: with natural ingredients, on the wood stove.

Elena Ciotmonda: & bdquoI put the eggs to boil and boil them well and I put them with onion tails to make them beautiful, red, red & # 351i with beets. This is a tradition, the new girls help each other to paint the eggs. It is not at all difficult and even up in this idea to paint eggs naturally, with natural paints, not a lot of chemicals. & Rdquo

Finally, the housewives polish them with sandpaper to give them a perfect shine.

Cite & # 537te & # 537i

Dozens of eggs are painted in almost every house, so that everyone can collide: those of the house and the guests!

According to tradition, on Thursday, housewives should finish what is most important in the household chores, because there are 259 days dedicated especially to prayer. to prepare souls for the resurrection of the Savior.