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Appetizer with salmon and cream cheese

Appetizer with salmon and cream cheese

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Place the salmon slices on a food foil so that they overlap a little. Grease with cream cheese. I used a cream cheese with greens, but you can take an Ouark, flavor it with fresh and dried herbs (dill, thyme) and salt and pepper.

Roll the salmon with foil with everything, get a roll that you leave in the cold for a few hours. I prepared the salmon in the morning and it remained in the fridge until evening. If you put it in the freezer, you have to take it out an hour before serving it.

Before serving, prepare the salad on a plate, from white vinegar and olive oil make a sauce that you beat well with a fork to make a homogeneous emulsion, salted, peppered. Pour the sauce over the salad, roll out the salmon roll from the foil, cut 2 cm slices and place on the salad.


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