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Rock:Rub the yolks well with powdered sugar. Add 150 g of ground walnuts, flour mixed with baking powder and beaten egg whites. I put the top in a tart form with a diameter of 25 cm. Bake on low heat for about 40-45 minutes.

Syrup: put water to boil and add coffee / Inka. Leave to cool. If it is coffee, strain it.

Cream: Mix the butter with the powdered sugar until foamy. Add mascapone and mix.

Syrup the first top and place half of the cream. Put the second top, syrup and spread the rest of the cream. Garnish with ground walnuts on the edge and sprinkle with Inka or ground coffee.

Divine Comedy

Currently, the most famous temporary exhibition at Brukenthal Palace is the first exhibition in Romania with illustrations signed by the famous Salvador Dali, at & # 8222Divina Comedie & # 8221, practically the main graphic work of the Spanish painter, an artist who considers himself related to us and who wanted to come to us in the country, according to the curator of the exhibition, Dr. Maria Ordeanu.

All the languages ​​of the world are spoken at the Brukenthal Palace in Sibiu. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world come to the Palace to admire the collections of the former Transylvanian governor, who remains, after almost two centuries, just as innovative, modern and European.

INTERCEPTIONS: The names of Antonescu and Ponta, in the Herţanu-Semcu case

The names of the former PNL leader Crin Antonescu and that of the PSD president Victor Ponta appear in the transcripts from the Herţanu-Semcu file, from the intercepted discussions showing that they were informed and talked about the works contracts from Prahova county.

DNA Ploieşti prosecutors detained, on Wednesday, Adrian Semcu, director of SC Hidro Prahova and former vice-president of the Prahova County Council (CJ) in the period 2008-2012, accused of influence peddling in the case of Prime Minister Victor Ponta's brother-in-law , Iulian Herţanu, deputies Sebastian Ghiță, Vlad Cosma and the president of the Prahova County Council, Mircea Cosma.

In the same case, the businessman Gheorghe Boeru, representative of SC Romair Consulting SRL, a company that conducted business with SC Hidro Prahova SA, owned by the Prahova County Council, was also detained, Boeru being accused of bribery, buying influence and evasion fiscal.

The prosecutors' documents show that, starting in 2010, previously and during the procurement procedures for the service and works contracts that were to be concluded within the project with European funds, the rehabilitation and modernization of the water and sewerage systems in Prahova County existed. discussions and agreements between several influential persons and with important political support, regarding the realization of the interests aiming at obtaining, illegally, some sums of money from the payments made by the beneficiary of the project, SC Hidro Prahova SA.

The investigators claim that the money was to be received, in the form of commissions, from the approved companies, which each of the persons involved was to support in awarding the contracts by exercising the influence they had at the management and employees of SC Hidro Prahova SA, respectively at the representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Forests with attributions related to the development of the project.

Prosecutors' documents show several interceptions of telephone conversations in 2010 and 2011. In one of these discussions, on January 21, 2011, between Adrian Semcu and Nicoleta Catalina Buzoianu, the two refer to former PNL leader Crin Antonescu and PSD president Victor Ponta discussing the conclusion of the contract for "Technical assistance for project management, design, supervision of works" within the project with European funds. From the discussions it results that Antonescu knew about "all the ins and outs" of Sebastian Ghiţă, and the latter would have spoken to Victor Ponta:

& quotBOZIANU NICOLETA CĂTĂLINA: I talked to this one.

BOZIANU NICOLETA CĂTĂLINA: Well, he even said to solve it like that. half, that is, to give it back.

BOZIANU NICOLETA CĂTĂLINA: And tonight, when he finishes that, that he is going I don't know where, they go once more, in the evening.

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL: But didn't they give that verdict?


SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL: But what do you think lasts? Or what does he say?

BOZIANU NICOLETA CĂTĂLINA: Me, he says that tonight he would have a clearer answer. At 7, I don't know how he is doing, he said that as he ends up there, he calls me again and if there's anything more to talk about, he'll either go halfway to me or he'll come, or I don't know anything like that.

BOZIANU NICOLETA CĂTĂLINA: That's how I talked to him.

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL: I spoke with comrade CRIN.


SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL: I called him, he didn't answer and in 2 minutes he called me back. Easy, very so. He knows all about GHIŢĂ, but he talked to PONTA. And Băi said to him, it's your problem, I don't give up in Prahova, one is ours. It doesn't matter which (the contract with the association formed by SC GROSSMAN ENGINEERING SRL, managed by the brother-in-law of the Prime Minister Ponta Victor Viorel, Herţanu Iulian Cristian, and SC EURO CONSTRUCT TRADING 98 SRL was subsequently concluded). he says it all. Dude, to be honest and fair, I think that the county would be more important, that in Ploieşti there is CĂTĂLINA, it is the organization, we still have the level fief. I'm not in trouble. But & icircn county. Exactly my thinking. Know?


Prosecutors present the documents from the investigation and a discussion from September 19, 2011, when Adrian Semcu is contacted by Mihai Ştefănescu and discusses the projects in Prahova County, Ştefănescu says that they are already divided by the "quotmog", which "quotes" that it is about Sebastian Ghiţă. In the discussion, reference is also made to the "little one", the prosecutors mentioning that the reference is to Vlad Alexandru Cosma.

& quotSEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Happy birthday! Live! I wanted to call you because I heard it was your birthday today! Live!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Look, I had an & icircnt & acirclnire and I'm going to another!

MIHAI & ndash We were seeing each other these days.

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Sure, sure!

MIHAI & ndash That & icircncing to & icircncing the spirits, damn & rsquo!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash For which of them?

MIHAI & ndash For all that, the spirits are here!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash And this & hellip this what news is? For better or for worse?

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Am I also to blame?

MIHAI & ndash A! No, no, no, God forbid! Where. that you were taken out of the books! Now, ready, stop presenting & hellip you are no longer up to date!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Very good!

MIHAI & ndash Well, yes, that's what I said!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Let's do another test, although it's a bit long! Let's see who r & acircde in the end!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash & Icircn fund, it is important to be healthy, to live, to drink another squirt from c & acircnd & icircn c & acircnd!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Give yourself a meal with them today, something. do you do

MIHAI & ndash I'm not doing anything but if you want to do it!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash No, MIHAI, I thought you could do it with them, and you're just sticking your tongue out! You know what a man is like.

MIHAI & ndash I don't do anything with anyone, & icircmi put my feet!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash That this old man. today I came to work, because last week I didn't come to work at all, and today I came to work and I was told that last night at Boccacio there was also the mogul but he says that: & laquoIt was already in a more advanced state and I had nothing to talk to him about! & raquo. They were celebrating with BURLACU, because he got married!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash You know !?

MIHAI & ndash Well, the mogul, I think since October 1st he sucked p. & Icirci take that whole toy!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash I've heard this and I'm no stranger! .

MIHAI & ndash I told her from the beginning that this was going to happen and they said that I was bad and that I wanted to hurt them! I said to them, "God forbid." I just look and see and tell you you're going to suck it! & raquo & laquoNo, we don't suck it! & raquo & laquoGood! & raquo

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash And they want to make I don't know what donkeys locally!

MIHAI & ndash Well, yes, that's how I heard the mogul bragging, that was one of them.

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash The mogul?

MIHAI & ndash The mogul says, he & icircparts everything, he does everything, he.

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash That little one & rsquo?

MIHAI & ndash No, that big one, that big one, the big mogul!

MIHAI & ndash That he does all the games, he all. he & icircmparte, he discusses them. I left them alone, to make them, to talk to them, to break them. Not? Isn't that best?

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Yes, interesting, interesting what it will be, we'll see!

MIHAI & ndash Now comes the battle on. you know what!


MIHAI & ndash The battle is over. that everyone is looking to make money now that, in fact, that was it. in fact, interest!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Upcoming auctions, right?

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash And you get somewhere?

MIHAI & ndash Well I'll get to it all! I mean, I want to get into everything!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Do you go alone or take a partner?

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Do you go alone or take a partner?

MIHAI & ndash No, well, I'll get another partner!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Well, that's what I wanted to propose to you!

MIHAI & ndash Well, I can't go alone. I can't go alone!

MIHAI & ndash And I'm going to do everything, to dare to kick me out!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash They don't, they don't, but you know what? We will have to make a logic! You say you put on p. Don't go and come with.

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Wait a minute! And come with someone & icircn face!

MIHAI & ndash Well, rest assured I know how to do it

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Come on, let's find out, let's find out, I'll tell you! OK we'll talk!

MIHAI & ndash But I'm waiting for someone to call me too! If he doesn't call me, no problem!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Okay, okay!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Okay, let's talk!

MIHAI & ndash. that's how it goes!

MIHAI & ndash It's rumored that they've already shared!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Nothing was shared!

MIHAI & ndash Well that's how it goes, I'll tell you what I hear too!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash What would have been & icircparted, me?

MIHAI & ndash Don't hear that the mogul shared everything!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash & Icircs dec & acirct two taken out!

MIHAI & ndash Well, yes, and they're already & icircparted by the mogul!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Yes, but how to share with them that for now it is only known the specifications and the date of the first auction !?

MIHAI & ndash Okay, go to the fools!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Give him & icircn p. Me! Come on, I'm starting to get angry! We are talking about c & acircnd ne & icircnt & acirclnim!

SEMCU ADRIAN-EMANUIL & ndash Okay, okay, MIHAI! Happy Birthday! Health! Bye Bye!

The prosecutors specify, in the cited documents, that there is an interest group regarding the activity carried out at the level of SC Hidro Prahova SA, especially regarding the implementation of the project with European financing, formed by Sebastian Ghiţă, Vlad Alexandru Cosma and other persons. Interests regarding the activity of SC Hidro Prahova SA related to the project with European financing also existed on the part of Adrian Semcu, Mircea Roşca and the county councilor Pătraşcu.

"It is obvious that the very high value of the project, namely 200,000,000 euros, has aroused the interest of many, including those mentioned above. The aim was for the tenders to be won by the approved companies, but later, almost any of the participating companies would have won the procurement procedures, one of the interested persons still had an influence on their representatives, influence that allowed to obtain patrimonial advantages through different companies. & icircn the money circuit & quot, the prosecutors also showed & icircn the cited documents.

The investigators claim that those who decided who won the works within SC Hidro Prahova SA would have been Dumitru Pantea, Mihail Coman, Adrian Semcu and Mircea Roşca.

"The builders paid commissions for the support provided by awarding the contracts, signing the contracts and starting the works and for making the payments," the prosecutors said.

Adrian Semcu and Gheorghe Boeru will be presented, on Thursday, to the Court of Cassation and Justice with a proposal for preventive arrest.

According to the prosecutors, between August 2010 and April 2011, in exchange for a sum of money, Adrian Semcu, at that time vice-president of the Prahova County Council, also used the influence he had on the representatives of the management of SC Hidro Prahova SA Ploieşti and In agreement with Gheorghe Boeru, he helped the association of which Romair Consulting SRL Bucharest was a part to win a public procurement contract financed mostly from European funds.

The contract, worth 25,085,000 lei, entitled & quotTechnical assistance for project management, design, supervision of works & quot, is part of the European project & quotRehabilitation and modernization of water and sewerage systems & icircn Prahova county & quot, a project whose contracting authority is SC Hidro Prahova SA Ploieşti, a company owned by the Prahova County Council.

In this case, Victor Ponta's brother-in-law, Iulian Herţanu, the independent deputy Sebastian Ghiţă, the PSD deputy Vlad Cosma, the latter's father, the president of the Prahova County Council Mircea Cosma, the local councilor from Ploieşti, Ionuţ Ionescu, are already being prosecuted for corruption offenses and assimilated to corruption. as well as the businessmen Vladimir Ciorbă, Mihail Coman, former county councilor & icircn CJ Prahova, Liviu Munteanu, Ilie Drăgan and Iuliu Virgiliu Roman.

For several weeks, Semcu has held the position of director of SC Hidro Prahova, a company belonging to the County Council and through which a project is being carried out on European funds for the extension of the sewerage network in several localities in the county, and in the period when the contract was signed. for the extension of the sewerage network from Comarnic, a contract that is the object of an investigation by DNA Ploieşti, Semcu held the position of vice-president of the Prahova County Council.

Adrian Semcu was also a member of the Romanian Parliament, and for a short time he also held the position of prefect of Prahova County.

Gheorghe Boeru is the president of Romair Consulting, founded in 1997, which offers business and management consulting, design and engineering services.

Who does Robert Turcescu love?

The mysterious brunette he recently kissed in a restaurant?

Or Oana Sarbu, whom she considers the sexiest woman in Romania?

The ways of the heart are confused! Just a few hours after Robert Turcescu declared dryly on Catalin Maruta's morning show that Oana Sarbu is, in his vision, the sexiest woman in Romania, paparazzi from Ciao! they caught the journalist in the arms of another woman. According to the magazine mentioned above, the young woman's name is Dana and she is a master's student at the Faculty of Political Studies.

The romantic episode took place at the Boccacio restaurant, in Dorobanti, where the two had dinner, without knowing that exactly in front of them the people from Ciao! they captured on film all the tender gestures between them. It is interesting that on the same evening, Oana Sarbu declares, on Loredana's show on Acasa TV, that she is finally happy, together with her loved one.

More photos with the two in the issue of Ciao magazine! which appears on the market today

How to fill your mind with something other than the events of The Wild Narcissus: An Apology for Books

You can find them on library shelves, in the hands of more forgetful travelers when it comes to getting off at the destination station and in the divas posts on Instagram & # 8230 when they feel like burning it on a different kind of culture than avocado and quinoa. which fills their posts with healthy recipes cooked by someone else. The books are the mysterious thing you pass by when you head to Zara near the Cărturești in the mall. Their mysterious voice whispers to you to allocate something from the budget for the 20th pair of sneakers and to adorn your mind. The air should only fill the cushions in the soles of your "Airbags", not the head.

But what about these books? & # 8230 And why buy them?I understand that it is somewhat pleasant to hold them in your hand & # 8230 Hundreds of pages crammed between book covers in bookstores will give you the closest experience of holding the Euro bricks you dream of. In fact, if we think about it, these sheets covered in small letters are worth more than green banknotes, as they give you spiritual wealth, the only one that never perishes. But if you are a person who does not care about such philosophical considerations, think that it is better to have books on your shelves than other decorative objects. It's simply easier to dust off without having to move all the statues from exotic destinations that your rich cousin sent you. He was in Barcelona, ​​you in Mangalia, but by reading you have the opportunity to get where he will never be able to go. Such as medieval Japan or the court of Louis XIV & # 8230 From where you will bring as a souvenir those historical anecdotes with which you can make him feel intellectually inferior.

And there's more & # 8230 books do well: When you have people visiting, when you need a quote to show how cult you are on Facebook, when you're on Zoom call with colleagues in the corporation and you want to look smarter and better prepared & # 8230 Pandemic gives you this opportunity you didn't have when you worked in your office cubicle. Just think & # 8230 when you bring someone home you think they will consider you sexier if they see your computer playing PubG 24/7 (or look on the net for shoes you will never afford, in case are you a woman) or if, sitting on your couch with a wine in your hand, you will whisper sweet words about love & # 8230 Paraphrasing Marquez, Ortega Y Gasset or Lorca? & # 8230 And if the duo with whom you share so much the soul mixed with intense emotions, as well as the bacterial flora of the mouth, does not taste such diatribes regarding the meaning of love and life & # 8230 does it still make sense to soak the sheets with its perfume & # 8230 so that you wake up every morning with the smell stinging nonsense?

Dear reader, if I took you like Odysseus to the seas and left you prey to the sound of sirens, if I abandoned you in the Minoan labyrinth with no way back (that's what I say at that Cărtureștiul with a twisted color between the shelves with books) & # 8230 do not worry! You will finally return to the abyss of mental awakening. It would be good to take some intellectual wealth with you. Not the other way around, but it might be of use to you someday. Boccacio's decameron. If such a situation does not occur, at least you have something to say about hobbies when you give a job interview or when you want to impress your fiancée's parents. No one is forcing you to read, but if you had the patience to get to the end of this article, a miracle in the digital age & # 8230 I sense a great reader lies hidden in you!

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