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Beaten beans

Beaten beans

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The beans are soaked from evening to morning in cold water. Wash and boil in a pressure cooker with water and salt for about 1 hour.

When it is cooked, drain it and crush it in the robot, adding the oil until it becomes a fine cream. It goes well with salt and pepper.

Next I know 3 types of preparation

1-Mix with finely chopped red onions and serve on toast decorated with pickles.

2-Mix with crushed garlic and spread on toast garnished with pickles.

3-Chop the onion and cook in oil until it turns brown (you can mix it with a teaspoon of paprika) and put it on the plate with the beaten beans.

It can be served as such or garnished with pickles

I served the beans beaten in the pickled gogonele accompanied by the carnatzi.

Good appetite!


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