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Nigella Lawson's Husband Files for Divorce Post-Photo Scandal

Nigella Lawson's Husband Files for Divorce Post-Photo Scandal

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The celebrity chef's art dealer husband has filed for divorce, Reuters reports

A month after U.K. tabloid The Sunday Paper published photos showing celebrity chef Nigella Lawson allegedly being choked by her husband, Charles Saatchi, the couple is facing a divorce.

The Daily Mail reported Sunday that 70-year-old Saatchi has filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage to Lawson.

"I feel that I have clearly been a disappointment to Nigella during the last year or so," Saatchi said in a statement. "I am disappointed that she was advised to make no public comment to explain that I abhor violence of any kind against women, and have never abused her physically in any way."

According to The Daily Mail, Saatchi was disappointed with Lawson after she refused to defend his reputation; Saatchi even claims that after the photos were leaked, Lawson's PR team told him to apologize for the assault. "He flew off the handle and asked his wife: ‘Are you crazy, you know that’s not the truth.’ Nigella said: ‘I think we have no choice.’ The couple then had a furious row in which he told her to ‘pack her bags and go,'" The Daily Mail reports.

After the photos leaked last month, Saatchi voluntarily went to the police while Lawson was spotted going around town without a wedding ring, and reportedly not living at home. Saatchi maintains that he was not hurting Lawson in the photos leaked, claiming that there was no pressure applied. "The row photographed at Scott’s restaurant could equally have been Nigella grasping my neck to hold my attention — as indeed she has done in the past," he said.

In the meantime, Lawson has reportedly not spoken to Saatchi since the tiff. Read the full statement over at The Daily Mail.

Nigella Lawson’s husband announces their divorce

The world saw the photos of alleged domestic abuse by Nigella Lawson’s husband last month, but it looks like their marriage has been going downhill for a while.

A month after being photographed with his hand around his wife Nigella Lawson‘s throat, Charles Saatchi has announced the relationship has ended.

“I am sorry to announce that Nigella Lawson and I are getting divorced,” he told the Daily Mail.

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Saatchi said that the couple have been drifting apart for a while, and it sounds like the incident may have had something to do with this final decision.

“I feel that I have clearly been a disappointment to Nigella during the last year or so, and I am disappointed that she was advised to make no public comment to explain that I abhor violence of any kind against women, and have never abused her physically in any way,” he said.

Saatchi had said that the fight at the restaurant in London where he was photographed was a “playful tiff,” but he was cited by police for assault.

“I am sorry that we had a row. I am sorry she was upset,” he said. “I am even more sorry that this is the end of our marriage.”

Lawson reportedly left Saatchi just after the photographs were published, and according to the Daily Mail, she has not returned his phone calls since then. Saatchi tells the newspaper that Lawson’s public relations rep called him and asked him to publicly apologize for his actions, which he would not do because, according to him, he didn’t do anything wrong.

Saatchi is the owner of the Saatchi Art Gallery and a former advertising executive. According to the BBC, in 2010, he donated his art gallery in Chelsea, London, to the British public. The gallery has more than 200 pieces of art.

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Lawson’s first husband, journalist John Diamond, died in 2001, and Lawson and Saatchi were married in 2003. Lawson and Diamond had two children together.

The “domestic goddess” began her first restaurant column in 1985 and increased her presence in the field before releasing her books How to Eat and How to Be a Domestic Goddess.

Guy Fieri

While his on-screen charm gained the chef a slew of television shows, his off-screen behavior seems downright ugly.

The Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives star got into a whole bunch of trouble in 2011 when his homophobic and racist comments were revealed. According to David Page, one of Guy Fieri’s former show producers, Fieri felt uncomfortable around gay people. Page also alleged the spiky-haired chef harbored anti-semitic sentiments. Supposedly, Fieri said “those people weird” him out. Additionally, the former producer claimed that Fieri was extremely crude and sexually inappropriate around women.

Nigella Lawson opens up about the 'trauma' following Charles Saatchi split

Nigella Lawson became the focus of intense media and public attention following the breakdown of her ten-year marriage to Charles Saatchi in 2013. In an interview with The Irish Times in 2019, the celebrity food writer opened up about the "trauma" she went through as the split played out.

"It was generally about feeling exposed and under attack," she shared. "In a way, it would have been much better for me to be able to speak openly."

Nigella Lawson split from Charles Saatchi in 2013

She added: "It goes against my nature not to. But I do think that becoming a tabloid story, and everything I went through then, shame, various things, in a way gave me a form of trauma of its own. And I don't think I've addressed that enough to talk about it."

The former couple dominated headlines when photographs were published of Charles with his hands on her throat during an argument outside Scott's restaurant in Mayfair in June 2013. A month later, they were granted a decree nisi, subsequently ending their ten-year marriage. Nigella went on to reveal that it was a "tough time" to go through.

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In 2014, during an appearance on Michael McIntyre's chat show, Nigella was asked how she was feeling now those events were behind her. "I have had better times," she admitted at the time. "It's spring and I am feeling better and I am very happy to be here. I have been alive longer than you, so I know life has its dips and it can get better and you can't fight it."

Nigella is set to star in Simply Nigella

Breaking down in tears, she added: "I'm not particularly guarded and I say and do some things I may regret later. But I would rather embarrass myself and be a bit idiotic sometimes than spend my whole life worrying about what people think."

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Nigella Lawson's Husband Announces Plans For Divorce In Wake Of Abuse Scandal

I don't know if you've been following Nigella Lawson's story these last weeks, but her husband announced today that he's intending to divorce her, mostly because she didn't immediately jump to defend him after photographs surfaced of him wrapping his fingers around his wife's throat during an argument in public.

I'm not an expert on domestic abuse. I was, thank God, not a victim of it myself in my marriage. But I have known two women who lived in the shadow of an abusive spouse for too long (and believe me, one day is too long). It's not an easy cycle to break out of, and having your abuser 'outed' in a public way can bring repurcussions that can be frightening for the victim.

It's not for me to convict Mr. Saatchi for the abuse of his wife - particularly when no charges have been filed. But I can say that if I ever saw a man with his hands on my daughter's throat, especially during an argument, they'd be arresting me for doing violence against him. There are arguments, even loud, angry, boisterous arguments, and they happen to married couples sometimes. They shouldn't ever include a physical act that can be easily deemed as threatening or frightening in any way. Ever. And if he's doing that in public, you do have to wonder what life was like when they got behind the secured fence on the massive estate where the neighbors are nowhere in shouting distance.

I don't wish divorce on anyone. It's painful and hard and life-altering. But in this case, I think it might be life-altering for Ms. Lawson in a way that will hopefully empower her. Nigella, if by some strange chance you read this - you deserve more respect than any man with a hand around your throat is capable of giving. You've got your own career, and your own money, and your own life to live on your own terms.

I wish you every happiness as you move forward. You've earned it and then some.

Who Was Nigella Lawson’s First Husband?

For about a decade, Nigella Lawson and John Diamond were perfect as a couple in every way. Diamond was a brilliant journalist and broadcaster who worked as a columnist for The Sunday Times and a presenter on BBC television and radio. Like Nigella, Diamond is also an accomplished, award-winning author. He has two books to his name titled C: Because Cowards Get Cancer Too…, and Snake Oil and Other Preoccupations.

Nigella and Diamond met while they were both working as writers for The Sunday Times. They fell in love quickly and had a beautiful wedding in Venice in 1992. The couple had two children together, a daughter and a son named Cosima and Bruno. Their marriage was blissful and they looked destined to last forever until tragedy struck. Diamond was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1997.

Nigella Lawson and John Diamond with their kids: Image Source

Despite the aggressive treatments he had to endure, throat surgery, and subsequent tongue surgery which led to the removal of his tongue, Diamond succumbed to the terrible disease in March 2001, at the young age of 47.

Nigella Lawson is holed up sobbing, she’d set heart on making it work

DEVASTATED Nigella Lawson was “blindsided” by Charles
Saatchi’s brutal decision to file for divorce without even telling
her, say friends.

The curvy TV chef spent yesterday holed up at her luxurious Mayfair apartment,
crying and trying to figure out what to do next.

She had no idea that her art collector husband was about to announce their
separation in a statement to a Sunday newspaper.

Nigella now fears there is no way back for their marriage of almost ten

Pals claim she was hoping to reconcile with Saatchi once she had returned from
an upcoming working trip to America.

A friend said: “Poor Nigella is beside herself.

“She had no idea that Charles was going to file for divorce.

“She has been trying to call him to talk about what is going on, but she
cannot get through.

“She keeps saying, ‘How can you file for divorce without even talking about

“This was never Nigella’s intention. She was hoping she could quietly
reconcile with Charles after she got back from the US.

“Her intention was for them to spend some time apart and then give things
another go.

“Now those plans are in tatters. Nigella is a traditional girl and the idea of
divorcing is horrid for her.”

Multi-millionaire Saatchi, 70, caused shockwaves yesterday when he announced
the end of his marriage in a 268-word statement.

He wrote: “I am sorry to announce that Nigella Lawson and I are getting
divorced. This is heartbreaking for both of us as our love was very deep,
but in the last year we have become estranged and drifted apart.”

He ended it by saying: “She remains the most wonderful woman in the world. I
feel very fortunate to have had such a lovely wife for many years.”

His statement brought an abrupt end to a happy, if volatile, relationship
which friends say only started to flounder in the past 12 months.

Cracks really started to show when pictures emerged of Saatchi putting his
hands around his 53-year-old wife’s throat as they argued during a meal at
posh west London restaurant Scott’s.

Saatchi later accepted a police caution while Nigella moved out of their
mansion in Chelsea.

She refused to comment on the pictures even after further shots — taken during
the same meal last month — showed Saatchi holding his wife’s nose.

His friends yesterday explained that her silence was a major reason for him
filing for divorce.

He was said to be furious that Nigella had not done more to save his
reputation — and seemed to care more for her public image and career than
she did for the state of their marriage.

His pals say many of her actions — including letting photographers capture the
moment she removed her stuff out of their home — were being driven by her PR

One friend said: “Charles is furious and has been exploding like Mount Etna.

“He feels his reputation has been dragged through the mud without her lifting
one finger to help him.”

But sources close to Nigella blame Saatchi for torpedoing the marriage.

One friend said: “Nigella is traumatised by what has happened. Her only
intention was to figure out the best way forward for both of them.”

As a couple, Nigella and Saatchi appeared to have it all. He was the famous
art collector and former advertising tycoon worth an estimated £135million.

She was the daughter of one-time Chancellor Nigel Lawson who had amassed her
own fortune and became a household name through her cookery shows and books.

Friends say the relationship hit a rough patch when she turned 50 three and
a half tears ago..

Nigella — who has two teenage children, Cosima and Bruno, from her first
marriage to the late journalist John Diamond — had promised Saatchi she
would step back from work once she hit that milestone, claim pals.

But with her career still going strong — and the promise of further success
with an American TV show just around the corner — she was working harder
than ever.

One pal said: “Obviously they did not have a contract or anything, but they
had a verbal agreement that she would stop working.

“The longer she kept working, the more irate Charles became. He felt that
Nigella needed to be more supportive of him and his career.

“He has to go to lots of dinners and social functions and he needs a wife who
will be with him.

“Also, you have to remember that Nigella is a household name, but in Charles
Saatchi’s world he is the big star. His friends call him a genius and he is
a man who demands respect.

“He used to be horrified when people would push him out of the way to get
Nigella’s autograph.” At the same time, Nigella — who suffered an unhappy
childhood and who has lost her sister Thomasina, her mother Vanessa and
husband John to cancer — was going through a crisis of her own.

“She is a very insecure person and she found a lot of comfort in cooking and
doing the television show,” one friend revealed.

“That is why she was so reluctant to give up on her career.

“She once said she loves cooking because it doesn’t matter if you burn the
cake or mess up the eggs, it’s not life and death — and she found that
thought comforting.

“Nigella has veered from one tragedy to another throughout her life. She feels
she has the opposite of the Midas touch. Also, her television career was one
of her proudest achievements.

“Before that she was always ‘Nigel Lawson’s daughter’ or ‘John Diamond’s

“Her celebrity finally gave her the validation she craved.”

However, being on TV also made Nigella increasingly insecure about her

In the past year she has told friends that Saatchi appeared “distracted” and
she feared he may have lost interest in her.

“Some of their worst rows followed her questioning him about where he had been
or who he was with,” one friend said.

“At the same time, Nigella has been terribly worried about her television
ratings and whether she was being overtaken by younger chefs like Lorraine

“The photo scandal was a massive shock for her. She worried she had gone from
domestic goddess to domestic abuse victim.”

The friend added: “Charles took very little interest in her career however.
Once, when Tony Blair complimented her on one of her recipes, Charles shot
back: ‘I would not eat anything she cooks’.”

Nigella’s friends fear she is now going to be embroiled in a bitter divorce
with a man with a fearsome reputation.

“Charles will crush her if he wants to,” one said. “Clever
as she is, she is no match for his power or his intellect.”

From the very beginning he seemed to be the partner in charge. He was her
knight in shining armour — a tower of strength while Nigella grieved for her
husband John, who died in 2001 after a four-year battle with throat cancer.

A friend said: “Charles was a good friend to both John and Nigella. Before
John died he gave them both his blessing to get married after he was gone.

“Charles was exactly what Nigella needed — he offered wealth and stability. He
was the man who could fix any problem.”

The pair married in September 2003 — some had criticised Nigella’s decision to
move in with Charles just nine months after John’s death. Even so, it seemed
she had found her happy ever after. But apparently not.

A friend said: “That he has filed for divorce is another example of how smart
Charles is.

“Nigella thought she had a plan, but he just tore it to shreds in one swift

“Nigella still loves Charles, but she is having to face up to the fact that
this is the end of their relationship.”


£135m Charles Saatchi’s worth, according to 2013 Rich List

£15m Nigella’s estimated personal fortune

£21m Profit the couple made after selling their Belgravia

Nigella Lawson's first husband may have known Charles Saatchi's motives

It was during the end of John Diamond's life that Charles Saatchi seemed to emerge as a leading player when it came to Nigella Lawson. Saatchi, a businessman, art collector, and ad executive, had been considered one of Diamond's closest friends, but the millionaire who would become Lawson's second husband was allegedly overt about his feelings, whether lust or love. According to a 2002 profile published by Vanity Fair, Diamond purportedly told another friend, actress Maria McErlane, the following: "Charles [Saatchi] has been fabulous and kind to me . so who cares if he's trying to get into Nigella's pants?"

According to Saatchi, he and Lawson began having an affair within the last six months of Diamond's life. According to the Mirror, news of the alleged affair emerged less than six months after Saatchi and Lawson were granted a decree nisi divorce in a 70-second hearing in July 2013. Saatchi, with the help of his publicist, Richard Hillgrove, reportedly spread the rumor that the affair had occurred and claimed Lawson had lied in a court of law about how their relationship began.

Leading up to Saatchi's public accusation, however, were Lawson's own assertions that Saatchi had been a bad actor when it came to their domestic life.

Nigella Lawson: Career, Salary, and Net Worth

Nigella Lawson started to pursue publishing in the mid-1980s. She started reviewing books and restaurants before landing the role of deputy literary editor of “The Sunday Times”.

In 1985, she was given the title of The Spectator magazine’s restaurant critic. Then she penned for The New York Times’s food column section and meanwhile she was offered a job in British Vogue as an editor.

She started acting as an independent columnist before discharging her introduction cookbook, “How to Eat”. It rapidly turned into a smash hit with more than 300,000 duplicates sold.

She was an Author of the Year respects at the British Book Awards. A year prior, Lawson handled her cooking appearance, “Nigella Bites” which was a big hit in her career, and distributed an extra cookbook under a similar name.

Her 2005 talk appear, “Nigella”, was unsuccessful, however, she would be wise to fortunes facilitating “Nigella Feasts” on the Food Network and “Nigella Express” on BBC Two.

Lawson built up her own particular line of cookware. In 2013, Lawson’s own partners put on trial for supposedly falsely utilizing her then spouse’s charge cards.

The associates guaranteed they were allowed to utilize the cards the length of they stayed close-lipped regarding Lawson’s medication utilization.

She later copped to utilize pot and cocaine, and the partners were absolved of the charges. Her net worth is estimated to be around £15–25 million.

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