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The Best Beverages for Pregnant Women

The Best Beverages for Pregnant Women

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When you’re pregnant, so much of the advice you receive feels awfully negative. “Don’t drink coffee,” “Don’t eat sushi,” “Avoid lunch meats,” “No more beer for you!” And while some drinks should be avoided in order to maintain optimal health for your little one, others can actually boost and benefit your baby’s health — and your own. Our list of drinks can help you thrive in your pregnancy, from reducing morning sickness to boosting folate and increasing your iron absorption.

The Best Beverages for Pregnant Women (Slideshow)

While there is a plethora of information about what foods and drinks are healthiest during your pregnancy out there, the situation gets confusing because not everyone is in agreement. Some folks swear that sushi is off-limits, for instance, while others have said that the risks of this tasty (and generally healthful) dish are overplayed.

One interesting new finding that applies to everyone: if you eat more adventurously during your pregnancy, your baby may be more inclined to explore the world of food as well.

In The Handbook of Nutrition and Pregnancy, Carol Lammi-Keefe describes a study that took place in Northern Ireland: babies whose mothers ate garlic during their pregnancy were more inclined towards the smell of garlic after birth, while those whose mothers avoided garlic avoided the scent.

In France, a similar study was conducted on babies whose mothers enjoyed aniseed sweets during their pregnancies, with similar results.

So eat and drink safely and adventurously if you want your infant to start developing their palate in the womb — and one-up the Gwyneth Paltrow-type “mommy wars” moms at their own game while doing something you already love (“Oh, you started your baby on prenatal yoga at six months? Well I started my infant on a rich appreciation for the gastronomic at three weeks.”)

Our list of healthy pregnancy drinks is intended as a general guide. When developing your pregnancy diet, talk to your physician about what they recommend for you given your body’s particular needs and history.

Ginger Tea

According to the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide, a study has shown that ginger, long used in traditional medicine as an anti-nauseant, may beneficial for women who are suffering from morning sickness. The study involved 70 pregnant women who experienced nausea during their pregnancy; the majority of women who added ginger to their diet were less sick less frequently than those who did not.

Orange Juice

You're probably aware thatit's important to increase your iron intake during your pregnancy, but did you know that some foods and drinks may help or hinder your ability to absorb the iron you’re consuming? According to Nutrition During Pregnancy, a report published by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, “Compared with water, orange juice will roughly double the absorption of nonheme iron from a meal. Tea and coffee, on the other hand, will cut the absorption of nonheme iron by more than half when compared with water.” Make sure you go with pasteurized juice, though!

9 Best Drinks For Nausea During Pregnancy

Though pregnancy is a boon to many of you, the hazards can only be felt when you go through the journey. And when, every morning, you feel like world crushing on your head and you&rsquore going to puke, puke and puke, you think, &ldquoHave I taken the right decision?&rdquo Yes, you have, as motherhood makes a woman complete.

After all, you have the power to bear all these troubles and the almighty has prepared you for those to create life. Now, it is very important to follow strict routine during your pregnancy.

Your eating habits, lifestyle, drinking habits, etc, all are going to be changed. Doctors always suggest having a lot of water during this time.

But, having water in an empty stomach can make you feel nauseated more. Besides, pregnant ladies don&rsquot feel like drinking water all the time. Well, now there's no more getting irritated with it. Listed here are some of the best drinks to treat pregnancy nausea.

If you&rsquore a mother, you know how nausea has made you feel troubled all throughout the day, right? A sudden smell of something and you feel the urge to vomit.

With best drinks for pregnant women, the new would-be mothers can feel relieved. Also, these best drinks to treat pregnancy nausea can meet the need of fluids in your body. So, go through these best drinks for pregnant women and share the information with your other pregnant friends as well. Have a look.

Why nourishing meals for new moms are so important

Baby takes everything it needs from it’s mother via the placenta. Even if mom doesn’t have enough, baby takes it! That’s why you hear the adage “gain a child, lose a tooth.” I, myself, lost a weak tooth that was severely damaged from my intense sugar addiction years earlier. So, no doubt, pregnancy is tough on the body and can leave many pregnant women and new moms drained, in more ways than one. Today, with our soils being depleted, conventionally grown produce being subpar, and feed-lot meats having lower than normal levels of vitamins and minerals, many women are deficient even before they conceive.

And once she does give birth, most experts believe that most women are nutritionally depleted for at least a year after the birth, which is one reason I tried to wait 3 years between pregnancies. Some believe it even takes 10 years to replete after birth! According to family physician, Dr. Oscar Serrallach, this chronic deficiency can cause symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue, exhaustion, not feeling refreshed after sleeping
  • Falling asleep at unexpected times
  • Wired and hyperaware, with underlying anxiety
  • Feelings of guilt and shame
  • Desiring isolation, not having the energy to socialize, not leaving the home often due to feeling overwhelmed
  • Frustration at lack of free or me time
  • Brain fog or baby brain
  • Little to no interest of sex

This is why some moms swear by consuming their placenta, which helps to boost vitality after birth. Of course, another obvious way moms can nourish themselves postpartum is to eat nutritionally-dense foods. Unfortunately, most moms are so overtired and busy with new baby that preparing healthy meals isn’t the number one priority. That’s why making meals for new moms is so helpful and needed! Or, if you’re expecting yourself, prepare these foods now and stock your freezer. Here are some delicious recipes to get you started!

Nourishing Meals for New Moms – Lasagne Liver – Mama Natural

Rock the Mock: 14 Non-Alcoholic Drinks for the Pregnant Woman

Just because you can’t have alcohol for the next nine months doesn’t mean the party is over, mom-to-be. In fact, there’s plenty to celebrate now before little one arrives and takes over your party schedule, converting it to zero. Non-alcoholic drinks, or mocktails, aren’t just for pregnant women anymore either. Plenty of folks on the wagon or those driving home are experimenting with the zesty, sweet, and sparkling flavors of these mocktail recipes and tasty elixirs that have bartenders around the world getting super creative with their ingredients. So what substitutes the fun stuff that caused the likes of Prohibition you ask? “The vast majority of nonalcoholic drinks end up including three elements: a citrus, a sweetener and effervescence. Carbonated water adds texture and acts as a bridge for other flavors, without contributing any additional sweetness,” Alex Day, from the Los Angeles bar, Honeycut, told the Wall Street Journal.

Remember to always try to substitute fresh ingredients when you can, even though it takes longer and may be more expensive, instead of opting for the canned or bottled versions it’s better for you and for baby. And whether you enjoy these at your baby shower, with your partner, or by yourself, these 14 non-alcoholic drinks for pregnant gals won’t make you feel like you’re missing out, but clued-in on where it is at, mama.

1. Cucumber-Coolers
Feeling hot flashes that are evidently not menopausal? Cool off with this delicious cucumber virgin cocktail. No gin, but plenty of pineapple chunks, cucumber water, a drop of sugar, and club soda. Like a face mask, but for your soul.

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2. Apple-Ginger Sparklers
Go ahead, let the bubbles go to your head, mama-to-be. There’s something about bubbles and ice in your drink that allows one to imagine that there’s alcohol floating around. Kick back with this cider spiked with ginger and cinnamon mocktail.

3. Virgin Grapefruit Mojito
This is one of our favorite mocktail recipes. While all those around you are downing their mojitos and getting buzzed, sip on this delicious virgin version free of drunk babble and a hangover. All you’ll need is grapefruit juice, agave syrup, mint leaves, and pink grapefruit soda.

4. Chocolate Martini
This is beyond non-alcoholic drinks, mostly because it involves chocolate. Just because you can’t have alcohol doesn’t mean that the next best thing (chocolate!) can’t be served up cold, smooth and straight up in a martini glass. Whip out the best quality chocolate syrup you can find, add corn syrup, crushed ice, and milk, shake it up, and don’t forget to add chocolate sprinkles around the rim.

5. Spicy Lemon Raspberry Cooler
Lemon and raspberries are some of the healthiest fruits you can put in your body while pregnant. This mocktail not only bursts with antioxidants, but the minute the ginger beer hits your palette you’ll see sparks. Garnish with floating raspberries and serve in a whisky glass.

6. Sparkling Sangria
Get your inner flamenco-dancing-gypsy all fired up with this fruity virgin sangria. Just add apples, strawberries, oranges and frozen grapes to sparkling grape juice and olé, it’s ready to serve in a big ol’ wine glass.

7. Alcohol-Free Mint Julep
Break out those frozen goblets you had in your freezer before the pregnancy and fill ‘em up with this delicious elixir that requires combining water, sugar and mint in a saucepan to boil, letting it cool, and then adding the lemon mixture and fresh mint sprigs. How sweet it is.

8. Peach Cooler
Relax tonight with your favorite television show and let this icy cooler leave you feeling just peachy. In a wine glass, add ice, seltzer, peach juice, grape juice, and a fresh slice of peach for color and extra taste.

9. Driver’s Punch
This virgin Cosmopolitan will have you cruising through memories of your Sex and the City Days before you had baby on the way. All you’ll need is a little sparkling apple juice blended with blood orange juice, cranberries, lime and orange. And a martini glass, of course!

10. Iced Green Tea Elixir
Green tea is not only packed with antioxidants it will also give you a pick me up feeling if you want to serve these mocktails for long evening event. You’ll need pomegranate and ginger syrups, Chinese green tea leaves, lemon juice, and mint.

11. Lemon Cheesecake Drink
You read write: Cheesecake in a glass. Since you can’t have alcohol, you should drink cake. Obvs. Just blend together lemon juice, cream, nutmeg, sugar, yogurt, vanilla and ice cubes, and pour into a fancy glass. Garnish with nutmeg. This is one of the most decadent and perfect mocktail recipes in existence.

12. Mockito
Packed with the same delectable flavors of its alcoholic twin, the mojito, the mockito needs soda water, lime wedges, mint leaves, apple juice, lime juice, elderflower cordial, and a sprig of mint. To your health, pretty mama!

13. Baby Bellini
Has it been too long since you had a delicious Bellini with classic peach nectar and sparkling champagne? This mocktail will bring you back to the party by substituting champagne for chilled sparkling cider. Cheers!

14. Tropical Passion Mocktail
Is all that baby and hubbie love making you feel all tropical and passionate? Then indulge your feminine powers with this healthy mocktail made of white grape juice, apple juice, passion fruit juice, and club soda, served on crushed ice. Then shake it and stir it, mama, like you know how.

Here’s a roundup of the recipe types that worked really well for Betsy, after much trial and error. Of course, some of these may or may not work for you depending on your personal aversions, but you should find some things in the list that sound good!

This recipe is one of many that I’ve found might work for lunches. It has some strong flavors (spicy), but the coconut is actually pretty mellow and a refreshing flavor that can be easy on the stomach.

Another good wrap idea that has good textures in it if you prefer crunchy things. The crunchy bacon and crispy tomato and lettuce is a great combo. Plus, the wrap has no strong vegetable flavors (onions) so it’s pretty mild.

This wrap was a lunch that Betsy could easily eat (and enjoy). The wrap would change a bit each week, but her favorite was basically this marinated chicken, grilled, and wrapped with really crunchy lettuce, crunchy bacon, tomato and avocado.

If you happen to have a slight sweet tooth during pregnancy, this oatmeal bowl is an awesome option. It basically tastes like a cinnamon roll but has whole oats so there are worse things you could start your day with!

I feel like Betsy didn’t have more sickness in the morning. It was more of a constant annoyance, but breakfasts definitely were an issue. We landed on oats as a cure. The good thing about oats is they are completely bland and you can change them up depending on the food aversion of the day.

We would tend to go with some sort of berry and nut butter most days of the week but even just oatmeal and butter could be a great breakfast option.

Okay. Ignore the Brussels sprouts on the above photo because that was a big NO GO in our house. But, this mashed potato pizza (and pizza in general) was generally something Betsy could eat as long as didn’t have a ton of vegetables on it. The carb-on-carb combo on this pizza was sometimes exactly what Betsy was craving.

More options in the pizza category, this one a bit more classic. Easy-to-make and always delicious. If the homemade crust is too much, just use a store-bought pound of dough – you probably have enough to worry about anyway!

The onions and peppers might be a trigger for some women, but you can easily leave them out. Sometimes Betsy was craving STEAK and this is a great quick option for a meat-heavy meal.

This is kind of a combo between the steak idea and the wrap concept. Betsy couldn’t eat mustard (and actually still doesn’t like it) but again that’s an easy leave-out option for the wraps. It’s a hearty wrap that can be served for lunch or dinner.

If your pregnant momma is craving comfort food, this chicken fried steak is worth the work. Crispy breading with a creamy gravy could satisfy certain cravings for sure. Plus, limited vegetable smells, which was always a trigger in our house.

After we exhausted the chicken wrap situation for lunch, we learned that Betsy could handle a very simple quinoa salad. The one we landed on was actually much simpler than the one in the above recipe. Essentially, I would just cook quinoa and toss it with crunchy snap peas, pumpkin seeds, and a very light dressing.

This worked well and I felt good for feeding her something I could generally qualify as healthy.

This salad is so healthy and can be customized easily based on tastes. The basics of it have a nice mix of protein ingredients and crunchy ingredients without any super-strong flavors. The eggs might be a reach for some though!

I love the chicken and noodle combo for this dish and since it’s cold the flavors are pretty mild. The scallions were a no-go for my wife, but they are easy to leave off.

Not ALL Tex-Mex is a hit with pregnant cravings, but Betsy generally liked crunchy Tex-Mex items. So nachos like this were a pretty sure-fire win for dinner.

More Tex-Mex! Crunchy tacos were always a hit, but these were like the pinnacle of Taco love. Basically double-wrapped tacos with cheese between the two layers. Crushing cravings!

Again, these are all about texture. Crunchy is the name of the game here and these little tacos get super crispy on a griddle.

After four months of pregnancy, Betsy had actually lost weight. The doctor was very quick to inform us that this was not a good situation.

She prescribed daily milkshakes. Betsy had no problem housing some milkshakes. When she couldn’t overcome, I helped.

While some days were sweets focused, most days for Betsy involved a salty craving. Good seasoned popcorn was something she could always eat for her entire pregnancy.

It was bland, but salty and had a good texture. That combo seemed to work for her.

I really pride myself on making good pasta sauces and interesting pasta combinations. This was not to time to do this. Betsy craved pasta, but it had to have almost nothing on it. Maybe a super light tomato sauce or butter sauce was fine, but simple was the rule for sure.

In the complete option direction, sometimes Betsy craved big flavor pasta and this cheeseburger pasta was a good combo of comfort food, noodles, and protein.

These Baked Nuggets are one of my favorite takes on chicken nuggets. They are crispy and perfect for dipping. Bets didn’t like many dipping options but did like them just normal!

The Crispier the better for Betsy and these super-crispy smashed breakfast potatoes were generally okay for a breakfast options. She would skip the egg, but just have a big pile of potatoes, sometimes with ketchup.

When the sweet tooth craving hit, it hit hard and big-flavored cakes were a good solution. This cake has chocolate, caramel, and a whipped cream topping. A favorite!

Indo-Dutch Pork Stew Recipe

There is a way to still enjoy succulent meat dishes now that rare beef, lamb, and duck are off the menu: simply go for stews that cook it low and slow.

Don't let the 3-hour cooking time scare you off: this Indonesian-inspired pork and soy sauce stew couldn't be any easier. There's very little preparation here, so let the pot do all the work while you go and put your feet up!

10 Drinks to make your pregnancy life much easier

1) Banana Bracer : Its a kind of a heavy drink that can fill-up your empty stomach & will relax your thirst. It is actually known as a modern banana shake with some cherries & fruit juice added. The taste is however more than an ordinary banana shake and you’ll probably forget it. Pregnant women can try this one the time they feel starving and when don’t wanna eat anything.

2) Cranberry Punch : An easy to make mixed fruit juice with added some almond extract. A little quantity of ginger ale is added too to make it a little spicy. Juices added are cranberry & pineapple. You can give this drink a try whenever you are feeling free to make something.

3) Apello : It is one of the top rated fruit drink. Apello is a mix juice made by mixing orange, grapefruit & apply juice. It is totally healthy, safe & easily available at various outlets.

4) Earth Shake : Don’t go by the name, it is not going to shake you up but yes will sure give you some energy. Its an instant made drink by mixing cup-crushed pineapples with some peeled carrots in some extra quantity of pineapple juice.

5) Limeade : The name itself explains the drinks i.e. made from lemon. Limeade is made only from sugar and fresh lime juice. You may take it anytime you want from dust to dawn. Its totally refreshing, energetic and can be taken whenever you feel low.

6) Strawberry Split : This drink is specially loved by those pregnant women who can’t live without strawberry taste. Here we add some best fruit juices like apple, lime, pineapple with strawberry puree and a little strawberry syrup. This one drink alone can let you forget all your other favorite ones. Some call it delicious and some call it extremely tasty drink.

7) Iced Fruit Punch : Also known as the coolest summer drink made much like spiced fruit punch but with some ice added. It can give you a feel of Antarctica on a very hot sunny day. The variety of juices added in this drink brings back your lot of energy.

8) Pina Colada Punch : A mixed fruit juice with added some coconut cream, cinnamon & some ice cream. Its a kind of universal drink anyone can take from kids to adults. Safe for everyone you know. Pina Colada Punch can stand against an energy drink that contain harmful chemicals and gives you almost same amount of calories this drink can.

9) Blackberry Breeze : It satisfies ones tea needs. If you are a tea addict and feel uncomfortable giving up tea, then you can try this one. It will give you a similar taste with a lot more things added in it like pineapple juice, flavored tea & ice.

10) Bloody Dragon : This drink is made by mixing some juices with certain sauces like Tabasco sauce & Worcestershire sauce. The taste of this one can’t be compared with any other party drink. If you are feeling free to try something new, then Bloody dragon could be your choice.

A drink that is only seen around Christmas is eggnog. Eggnog is a very hearty drink that you have to sip slowly since there is so much flavor to it. Although eggnog can definitely be made without any alcohol, there are many recipes out there that do include the addition of alcohol.

If you're pregnant and want to get into the holiday spirit by enjoying some eggnog, since it's such a classic drink, then you want something that is made without the alcohol. Town and Country Mag has an amazing eggnog recipe that uses no alcohol so you can still have this holiday tradition while you are pregnant.

2. Cran-Raspberry Martini

Any menu of mocktails worth its salt better include a martini option. This one, created by dietician Lara Metz, RD, CDN, has all the makings of a cosmopolitan, without the vodka.


  • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 cup raspberry flavored sparkling water
  • A splash of all-natural cranberry juice or cranberry juice cocktail
  • 1 tablespoon crushed raspberries

Pour first three ingredients into a martini glass, then slide a few raspberries onto a thin stirrer to garnish.

8 drinks or beverages to avoid during pregnancy

Most pregnant women are aware of diet dos and don’ts during pregnancy. However, when it comes to beverages or drinks, they do not have much knowledge. Some of them which are considered actually ‘healthy’ otherwise may actually have an adverse effect during pregnancy. Also Read - Ibuprofen and other over-the-counter medicines to avoid during pregnancy

Some of the drinks mentioned below are termed as health drinks, some boast medicinal and other equivalent qualities, but they are not all that great for an expectant mum. Beware of these healthy but pregnancy-unfriendly drinks:

Green Tea: Herbal teas are usually considered safe and are known to be loaded with antioxidants. Green tea is herbal and good for health, but refrain from having it during pregnancy. There isn’t enough documentation available to show that green tea is good for pregnant women. During pregnancy your metabolism levels are high as such, green tea increases it further and this is not advisable, says Deepshikha Agarwal, a Mumbai based dietitian and sports nutritionist. Green tea also have some caffeine in it so unlimited sips is going to do you as much damage as regular tea. Also excessive consumption of green tea can lead to less absorption of folic acid during pregnancy making you and your baby susceptible to folic acid deficiency diseases.

Alcohol: Occasional indulgences are fine, but if you cross the line know about its perils too. Too much alcohol intake during pregnancy can lead to poor growth and improper brain development in the foetus. It can also lead to abnormal facial features in the baby and mental retardation, informs Deepshikha. Even if you restrict yourself to one drink a day your baby might still be at the risk for having problems with learning, speech, attention span, language, and hyperactivity after birth. Read why you should avoid alcohol during pregnancy.

Soft drinks: They are great thirst quenchers, we all agree. But now its better you go natural and cut out on fizzy drinks. Soft drinks have caffeine in their content and some can also have chemicals called quinine in them, says Deepshikha. So caffeine and chemicals both in one drink can cause double damage if taken in large quantities.

Iced tea: Go slow on this. Though each sip might make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated this drink also has high amounts of caffeine in it.

Coffee: If you cannot do without your daily caffeine fix, limit your intake to just two cups a day. Ideally taking coffee away from your diet completely is the best thing. Excessive caffeine intake during pregnancy especially during the first trimester can lead to miscarriages or other health related issues in the fetus. It is better to exercise moderation here and limit intake, says Agarwal. Here are a few reasons why you should limit your caffeine intake during pregnancy.

Diet Soda: This is not only loaded with caffeine, but lots of artificial sweeteners too. Saccharine, an ingredient used in the artificial sweeteners can cause birth defects in the baby if had in excess quantity. This ingredient can cross over the placenta and reach the fetus and harm the baby. Even otherwise during pregnancy one is advised to stay away from artificial sweeteners for the same reason, says Agarwal.

Wheatgrass juice: This surely is a health drink you thought would never make it to this list. But did you know that the American Cancer Society advises that pregnant women should not consume wheatgrass since the risk of bacterial and mold contamination is high? Wheatgrass often grows in humid and moist conditions and hence has higher amounts of mold and bacteria. High doses of wheatgrass can have purgative effects (leading to diarrhea and vomiting) and this will cause an imbalance of vital nutrients during pregnancy. Some studies also suggest that wheatgrass intake during pregnancy can result in a miscarriage or cause impairment of a body part in the baby, says Deepshikha. Here are other eight things in the environment that could harm your unborn baby.

Unpasteurized juices or milk: Make sure you read labels before picking up them. Avoid any juice or dairy product that says unpasteurized on the label. Because these products can contain bacteria in them which can lead to food-borne disease in the mother. If it crosses over the placenta and reaches the fetus it can hamper neurological development, says Deepshikha.

That Concludes Our Article of the Best Wines While Pregnant

As a new or expecting mom, we know that nothing matters more than the safety of your little one. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy a glass of wine without worrying about any risks. We created this definitive guide of our Top Picks for non-alcoholic wines to give you more insight into these wonderful products. You have a lot to think about on your plate. This doesn’t have to be one of them. So find a wine you love, sit back and relax as you prepare for your new little one.