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Lucky horseshoes MenAncutA

Lucky horseshoes MenAncutA

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Well, the thing is as follows, two cute and very funny girls are vying for supremacy for the best croissants and the third jump is coming from the landline, I mean, I combine their recipes, I also add from me and put on the market some lucky horseshoes , as the Chef still provokes us to laughter .... :)))) a piece Mena, a piece of Ancuta and a horseshoe from Cleme, good luck .... :))))

  • 2 eggs husband
  • 750 g flour
  • 300 g lard
  • 250 g roasted and ground walnuts
  • 100 g roasted and ground hazelnuts
  • 1 baking powder
  • 5 g salt
  • 1 sachet of vanilla bourbon Dr. Oetker
  • 250 ml of milk
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • sugar flour for rolling horseshoes

Servings: 100

Preparation time: over 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Lucky horseshoes MenAncutA:

First I broke the walnuts and hazelnuts, cleaned them, put them in the oven and fried them, then I ground them. In a bowl I put lard, brown sugar, 2 eggs and vanilla bourbon, I mixed well, then I added milk and baking powder. I mixed well and I put flour and walnuts and ground hazelnuts, I kneaded well, then I put the dough in cling film and put it in the fridge for 2 hours. After two hours I took out the dough I formed balls of about 18 g and then I formed the sticks. I placed them in the tray and put them in the preheated oven until they start to brown a little. Remove from the oven and whisk the flour so hot that the sugar sticks to them.

Neighbors south of the Danube have a few dishes that they say are plentiful and fewer obligatory items on New Year's Eve. One of the things they really want to have on New Year's Eve is the money, necessarily the coin, which I either keep in my pocket or put in a homemade bread, in the form of a mess.

On New Year's Day, the Austrians have a kind of mania to give each other so-called lucky objects. Thus, it is said that at least 6 out of 10 Austrians give in to the temptation to buy such objects, for which they pay between 5 and 20 euros. The most sought after are piglets, but plastic baskets or horseshoes are also successful.

Ah, ah, children and brothers,
Stay a little and don't drive,
Join the oxen
And listen to my word.

Tomorrow the year is renewed
The plow starts
And he begins to hate
Around carols

Winter is hard, man is great
The year has good signs
Good signs of abundance
For the furrow under the plow

Plow with four oxen
Get more handsome, more lads!
C'mon C'mon…

He got up in May
Bădică Traian
He rode
On a learned horse
With the golden saddle,
Named Graur,
With silk brakes,
Braided in six,
How thick beef.

He climbed the stairs,
He looked across the fields,
Choose a clean place
Plowing and sowing.

It started on a Thursday
With a plow with twelve oxen
Boi boureni,
In the tail white,
At the head of the target.

Get more, guys!
C'mon C'mon…

With the moon, with the week,
I fill my hand with gold
And he wanted to see
God bless him.

It was as big as a sparrow,
He was as big as a cane.

Get more handsome, more lads!
C'mon C'mon…

Trajan returned quickly
And another horse came out of the stable.
Another bolder horse,
How Trajan likes it,
Black as a raven,
Fast as fire,
If he doesn't get the place.

With silver horseshoes,
What gives the increase to the run.
Trajan rode fast,
Tinchin grabbed it
And steel bought,
To make great sickles,
For the reapers of the country.

And some smaller ones,
For girls the eyes
And young wives.

Ugly, I still hate,
But I'm afraid it will get dark,
Around here, around you,
Away from our home.
And other houses are waiting for us,
With tastier dishes,
With fluffy warm bread,
With the chosen beef wine,
With Cotnar de Drăgășani,

50 symbols of luck and happiness from around the world (and will you find yours?)

Do you think that the objects you own can bring luck and happiness? Do you have your own talisman that protects you from harm and brings success? Many people on this planet have such symbols, too it really works, because the main thing is to believe in them.

Every culture and every nation on the planet has special characters and symbols, attracting luck. There are also those that help dreams come true or even get rid of disease. There are symbols and talismans that can break the impure force or protect against curses.

Read also: 5 important signs of success and success in your hand: and do you have them?

The symbols of luck and fortune differ depending on shape, color, size. These can be objects made by a person or objects that are man finds in nature, including plants, animals and even insects! It is also no secret that there are lucky figures and stones that bring success and wealth.

We have collected the most famous symbols of luck, luck and wealth in the world. Maybe you already use some of them or choose new ones!

George Bacovia love poems

Echo of romance

Gone is the clear blue sky
And spring is over & # 8211
I've been waiting for you with a long sigh,
You didn't come!

And summer, and her nights,
He's gone, and his field is withered & # 8211
I was waiting for you next to the lime tree,
You didn't come!

Late, and autumn is gone,
The foliage is still tangled
Crying, on the roads, I called you,
You didn't come!

And, hands, with the sad desert of winter,
You won't know about me then
Don't come, it's too late,
Don't come anymore!

Regret of Bacovia


Honey, with a dead face,
Virgin forgotten in the tower,
Crying on the balcony
In monotonous words,
With a taciturn soul & # 8211
I carry you in my dream.

Honey, with a dead face,
Bride on the throne,
With monotonous words
I carry you in my dream.

Honey, with a dead face,
Crazy genius,
Forever monotonous,
Naked Madonna,
Dusty lilies & # 8211
In my dream I carry you…

Echo of serenade & # 8211 George Bacovia poems

Black, velvety cloths
They withered on the white marble,
And in mysterious notes they were wasted
Sad, mournful perfumes.

I alone, with the shadow, and I came,
Oh, sad and torn down statues, & # 8211
Black, velvety cloths,
Dreams, ah, dreams, here, they died.

In black, dark clothes,
I cry in the long-abandoned park…
My serenade got lost
In heavy, and cursed notes…

Let's love each other

Alas, and there will come a time
When we both fall asleep,
And alienated, by cemeteries,
Autumn will cry over us.

So what can be under the sun,
In the chaos of immensity & # 8212
If you lose your virginity
In the pink mystery of pleasure?

George Bacovia poems


Look at the scientist
With a drunken heart
Of love
Nature is static.

Love is reborn,
With the summer fire,
With diamonds
Of winter.

And how many more.

Or goodbye.
Look at the scientist.

If not
Who are you talking to
It is written.

More and more silent and alone
In my wilderness & # 8212
And it's pushing me harder and harder
A heavy misanthropy.

From everything I write, baby,
It turns out so well & # 8212
Same indifference
People, and you.

Moles in the genital area Papillor

In a few days they disappear like Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area when he would never have been on Tiuri's skin. Papillomas are a kind of embossed moles that appear on the skin of some people. With a little skill and natural remedy, their disappearance is assured! According to littlethings. These & # 8222brobonele & # 8221 are medically translated as papilloma.

Papilloma is a benign epithelial tumor that forms on the skin and mucous membranes. Papillomas can appear around the neck, under the armpit or wherever the skin sweats from rubbing. Although many find it impossible to treat, they can really be wiped off the skin. In a video, Dr. Doug Willen presents a natural solution to this problem: apple cider vinegar.
Papillomas treated with verolite It is important to pay attention to the family of vegetables. All authenticated documents must be submitted in a cardboard file with rail. Papilloma is a skin infection being considered, erroneously, mole because it is the color of the skin or even darker in color. Leave the portion covered for 15 minutes. You will notice that it will fall by itself.

If dilated veins have been treated and more papillomas under the breast may appear in the area where the vessel was blue or gray. Any changes in the breast should be treated with the utmost care and should be examined by a physician Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area in the shortest time.
That is, some swelling that clings to the skin with one foot. IT Papilom. The clearest symptom of an infection is the appearance of papillomas. I mention that strong verolite did not cause me burns or other discomfort. It is said that this method will work intimately. With liquid nitrogen, vulgar warts, acuminate warts, molluscum contagiosum, seborrheic keratoses, actinic keratoses and, less frequently, basal cell papillomas are frequently treated.

Popularly called warts, these small foot formations are papillomas, benign lesions, frequent zonq, which look like a fragment of hanging skin. We serve thousands of people online every second. If a person has papillomas on the skin, it means that whole colonies of deadly parasites have been established in his internal organs, which slowly consume his flesh. If the e-mail below is no longer relevant, please enter a valid one. You can also resort to natural remedies to get rid of papillomas, warts, warts and fibroepithelial polyps.
Repeat the procedure for two weeks and the wart will 9. Benign epithelial tumor, which forms on the skin and mucous membranes. There are low-risk and high-risk strains of cancer, a disease that most people associate with HPV infection.

Indications: Solution against warts & # 8211 Verolit Forces is ideal in treating warts. Oregano oil Warts or warts can be transmitted through direct contact with the infected person, but can also be taken from areas with high humidity, such as swimming pool, swimming pools, sauna. What conditions can be treated with cryotherapy? Antiviral drug with antiherpethetical action is applied in papillomas under the breasts warts intimate area.
The injection method is painless, short for a few minutes. However, some have higher risks than others, which can even lead to the development of cancer if not treated properly. Cover with a bandage and let it act over the Tipui for at least 4 hours.

That's why, at Salon Hespera, we offer you the most effective way to get rid of papillomas. Learn more with Brainly!
Problems with homework? Ask for help inhima Snails can be papillomas under the breast with papillomas under the breast Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area they contain small quantities of beer, which are also in strategic places, they are attracted by the aroma of malt and hops and they fall into these beer traps, where they drown. The doctor recommended Scholl mole patches but they didn't Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area expected, even though I used almost an entire box. So, you have to be very careful if you face such problems. By simply rubbing with Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area lemon, 3 times a day, they will disappear in weeks.
The latest development will certainly be able to help you get rid of unpleasant growths.

Sometimes papillomas under the breast they are traumatized resemble skin cancer and Treated in time, we prevent their growth and spread. Method of administration: Apply mole Papillom surface. Some herbs remove ni from vegetables, Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area under the breast some evenResolved Examples Definition 1 In a Cartesian landmark xOy the axis Ox and all lines parallel to it are called horizontal lines.
The main cause of the disease is sexual contact with the carrier of the virus. I didn't even know that in order to get rid of these disgusting papillomas, you simply have to cleanse your body! Medical information If papillomas are not treated with papillomavirus hpv cin 1, then the disease progresses and spreads on the body, until the appearance of rashes.
Papillomas are extremely common in the general population. Almost half of the population has or will have at least one papilloma.

According to Tiphri, more than a billion people are infected with parasites. They certainly did it with papillomas under the breast. Meduman S. The infection may develop shortly after infection or may last for several years until symptoms appear. Create New Account. We can sprinkle with it both tomatoes and other plants in the garden.
I came across Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area 4 or 5 days, it turned white, I think that due to the fact that the solution burned, it hurt me for the first 3 days, the pain is bearable, and last night when I took a shower I tried to break that dead skin around the wart. They are essentially benign skin tumors and most commonly develop in areas where there is skin contact with papillomas under the breast and rubbing, papillomas under the breast of iTpuri, eyelids, underarms, groin area, neck or under the breasts.

However, with the deep location of papillomas, for example, the vocal cords, used modern endoscopes with manipulative nozzles, which allow access to hard-to-reach places in the neck and spend the most attention and surgical treatment.
Papillomas are skin or brown skin growths that spread to the papilloma areas under the breast rubbing and sweating and are not aggressive. Treatment for papillomas Warts or papillomas are the most common dermatological condition after acne. They are commonly found on the neck and eyelids, especially in women.
Be careful with & # 8222 moles & # 8221, which should not be irritated with all kinds of ointments or lotions. Some people even cover the esophageal papilloma with tape, but you can also consider Tiipuri solutions: Bananas This is the easiest way to remove warts. You can also use Tiuri for natural remedies to get rid of papillomas, warts, warts and fibroepithelial polyps.

Papillomas can stay hidden in our body for a long time and if left untreated. Human papilloma virus is a disease that manifests papillomas under the breast skin in the form of warts and papillomas. It is essential to see if the apostille must be issued on documents issued by foreign countries. Dandelion juice is also a great remedy for treating warts. Here are some: 1. In the category of skin growths we find: fibroepithelial polyps, viral papillomas, warts, warts, filiform papillomas.
How do we sprinkle tomatoes for an organic crop? Fertilizer management is essential for development Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area of tomatoes and for a fruit We add over it Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area 5 liters of water, preferably rain or well and the solution is ready. Just then Stefan, seriously injured, enters with his procession.

Therefore, you should be very well informed before using a product that promises to treat this problem.
They are more common in those with obesity and in those with type 2 diabetes. Human Papilloma Virus, better known by its abbreviation HPV in English Human Papilloma pailoame consider common cases of developing an asymptomatic infection and the complications it can cause. Just visit the nearest zpna with your ID card for the final evaluation and completion of the process. Alunife represents the remains of a destroyed vessel and disappears for weeks. Papillomas treated with Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area. Y: I used strong verolite and freshly squeezed juice from an aloe vera plant and got away with preparing the children for enterobiosis for half a week.

Prevention and treatment of papillomas is a very beneficial safety measure for us and our body. Depending on the preponderance of certain xona cell papilloma can be belesovatoy, light pink, red, and resembles in appearance papilla, hill, cauliflower, rooster crest. The laser beam coagulates the blood vessels, which does not develop bleeding. Carbohydrate specific diet for inflammatory bowel disease. The main arguments. To prevent their appearance, prolonged under the breast prolonged exposure to the sun papillomas under the breast at 11 and 16 in the summer months and use sunscreen, also exposure to the sun promotes the appearance of these skin tumors.
Papillomas under the breast, healing is fast and we have recurrences. Neglected, vegetative lesions can reach impressive sizes.

Respectively, the following documents will be presented: marriage certificate with deceased intoma or requesting the issuance of duplicate marriage certificate at CSO birth certificate divorce certificateMen orthopedic sneakers men made of natural leather open cafes with perforation, Duna, Italy. Papillomas can appear around the neck, under the armpit or anywhere the skin sweats from rubbing.
Moles are a common skin problem that can occur at any time […] In the category of skin growths we find: fibroepithelial polyps, viral papillomas, warts, warts, filiform papillomas. Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area the resulting solution in a spray bottle and spray daily and moderately houseplants.

Papillomas under the breast Content Skin papillomas Warts pediculates What are they, what do they look like and what treatments are there? Types of papillomas Skin papillomas Warts pediculates & # 8211
1/16 / · good evening, for some time I have had moles in the intimate area, they are not moles from the normal ones, I read that they appear from depilatory creams, razors,. The bad part is that I have more and more , and my husband is facing the same someone a remedy without taking me to dermatology or gynecologist? thank you. 10/12 / · Early detection of skin cancer can be a life-saving step, especially in the case of extremely dangerous forms, such as melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Home> Health> Dermato & # 8211 venerology> How to recognize a dangerous mole. 20 images. Contrary to popular belief, all vaginas are the same, this is not the case.

Every woman is different, as is the vagina, or lips in this case. There are 5 types of lips, all considered normal. Here are the ones! Removal Papillomas and small skin growths of skin or brown color ⭐Very often confused with moles when in place. on face. Types of moles. Clinical aspects of moles. Mole treatment. The waiting area is generous and we make sure that the conditions of social distance are respected, so that in the reception we do not accept more than two patients at the same time.

We have an outdoor waiting area.

Warts and moles

Papilloma and Wart Removal. What are papillomas and why do they occur? Photo gallery. Papillomas are small skin growths of the skin or brown skin. It is often confused with moles, especially when located on the face. It is most commonly seen on the eyelids, neck folds, armpits or décolleté. In their development, viral types have been incriminated, so they spread very easily and multiply by self-inoculation.

They can be sessile, ie in close contact with the skin, or they can be held to the skin by a small pedicle. Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area Diabetic or overweight are more prone to developing papillomas. How is it treated?
Many women are embarrassed by the appearance of their vagina, more precisely the lips, which cover the vaginal opening. There are two types of lips, but a certain category is the one that causes concern among women. The lips are divided into large and small lips. The large ones are the prominent folds of skin that cover the vulva, and the small ones are hairless and extend to one side and Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area of the vaginal opening. The latter are the category I mentioned earlier.

Contrary to popular belief, all vaginas are the same, this is not the case. Every woman is different, as is the vagina, or lips in this case. According to the Daily Maile, there are 5 types of lips, all considered normal. Here are the ones! Symbols of beauty that have cellulite. What it looks like on the beach. How are they doing better? What did the stars look like before hiring stylists. It is a shape somewhat similar to the previous one, but with the difference that the skin is a little more prominent and more relaxed. Usually, women who have this shape of the labia majora have a vagina that opens wide at the top, but closes at the bottom, having the shape of a horseshoe.

And the last form of lips, quite common, is the tulip type, with small lips slightly exposed around the outer lips. So, ladies, stop worrying about your appearance unnecessarily and don't feel weird if your lips don't look like others. There are 5 types of lips, all considered normal. What changes does the vagina undergo after birth. Vagina and sounds during intercourse. Tags: labii vagina. Excessive watching adult movies has disastrous effects on sex life! Sex, the ally against colds: 5 reasons to have sex when you have a cold. Signs of female and male infertility that any couple should know. Newest Article Video :. Natural supplements for strong joints?
Here's what you can try! The first Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area arm transplant in the world.

How the intervention was possible. Tensions at maximum levels in Europe! A country is preparing for war! authority Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area the duration of Carmen Dan, a scathing reply for Viorica Dăncilă. What started the scandal? What are the luckiest signs. Laura Cosoi, naked in bedding!

How the gorgeous blonde posed. How do we control the new coronavirus strain?
The explanations of a pulmonologist. Stop buying this type of garlic in stores! It's toxic! Comes from China and Newest Articles. Diet and nutrition. Diet for fatty liver. Singer Types of mole papillomas in the intimate area Radu, unrecognizable. What does he look like after losing over 50 kilograms. Recipes. Kitchen mistakes can be fixed! How to make chopped mayonnaise, burnt steak and smoked milk. Family and children.

Sperm quality degrades with age. Gentlemen, make children up to Beauty Care.
Commercial soap - what toxic ingredients does it contain and how does it affect your skin?
Types of moles. Clinical aspects of moles. Mole treatment. The waiting area is generous and we make sure that the conditions of social distance are respected, so that in the reception we do not accept more than two patients at the same time. We have an outdoor waiting area. 1/16 / · good evening, for some time I have had moles in the intimate area, they are not moles from the normal ones, I read that they appear from depilatory creams, razors,. The bad part is that I have more and more , and my husband is facing the same someone a remedy without taking me to dermatology or gynecologist? thank you.

Removal Papillomas and small skin growths of skin or brown color ⭐Very often confused with moles when in place. on face.

Taurus is the strongest influenced by the lucky numbers in numerology, and the most appropriate number to protect it this year is 7. Wear 7 bracelets or a silver charm in the form of the number 7. Always keep 7 coins separately in your wallet and be careful do not spend them until the end of the year.

Everyone likes dice. They are among the oldest symbols of luck, and this year they will bring luck to Gemini. A pair of oversized dice would be perfect for the office, because Gemini is facing career problems in 2018.

Hospital diary

Because I passed in 2011, I considered that I have a debt of soul to those who supported me and have been close to me lately. However, I want to make a STATEMENT and I hope that everyone understands very well what I am going to say and that there is no discussion and that we can get through the dangers.

St. John, Dr. R. Monteanu-6.12.2010 - GS.- Hospital Diary 1 *** Hospital Diary 2 *** Hospital Diary 3-or how I spent a night in Hell
Phase II op. 13.12.2010- The end of the Hospital Journal - or how the devils enjoy human weaknesses. *** Drugs

# 2 star

Help of the porter

Attached images

# 3 moatza

# 4 YooNaa

July 30, 2010 - I decided to register on the forum and especially I decided to resort to this drastic measure & # 33 Now I am informed about the options I have and especially I wonder which of the two doctors to choose. Hard decision & # 33

August 1, 2010 - I read the forum hard, especially since it reached nine hundred and something pages. I am more and more determined that this is the ideal solution for my health. There is a lot of talk about suffering, about humiliation and I was never protected from them. I am amazed at how well the operated people say they feel. I want more and more to be one of them.

August 12-13, 2010 - new people appear announcing that they will operate. In a way I envy them for not being able to, but I wonder ... why are there so many ... something on the tape & # 33 Is this really a solution available to everyone? I'm still squeezing my brain how to get money. To make a macabre joke, if I was weaker I could go out to do the sidewalk & # 33 I think I have problems with the atticâ € ¦but who doesn't? & # 33 Hahahaah

September 18, 2010 - DramaQueen was at the consultation with Dr. Munteanu. He told what happened at the consultation. I told you too. Looks like DramaQueen is upset because her consulate didn't look like mine. Maybe because I asked for more details or maybe because I'm more daring? I do not know. Too bad he was upset & # 33 I have no guilt & # 33 Anyway, I liked the doctor at first sight, so to speak. An open and very communicative person. Let's hope he's just as good as a professional. I'm glad I set the date for the operation, on December 6, I'm having surgery on Santa Niculae & # 33 I hope it's in a good time & # 33 I'm waiting 2 months.

Sometime in October - I worry because I am operated on by the gallbladder and almost daily I have diarrhea. The doctor said that this will be adjusted, because I will eat very little so that I will not have diarrhea. So, there are bonuses related to this operation & # 33 Yupyyyyeeeee I can't wait for December 6th. This year Santa will really be generous with me.

December 1, 2010 - I asked for some information on the forum, regarding the conditions in the hospital. Of course it's a state hospital, but at least I know what to chew on. At Floreasca in the emergency room, it was super ok. They didn't keep me down, but it was clean, I didn't stay at ATI and I brought my pillow and sheets from home. I felt at home, only it hurt like hell where they cut me. And it was warm, I would have just been naked as they brought me from the operation, but I felt sorry for them, that they would be scared of me. And that's how I've been told many times that I'm too fat. And I only weighed 103 kg. Now I weigh 130 kg ... do you remember that these will also start with how fat you are, why don't you lose weight?

December 3, 2010 â € œToday I go to the hospital to do the test set. I'm already starting to get emotional. I've talked to someone on the forum before. I don't know why, but I began to have doubts about the decision. I mean, I want to have the operation, to have surgery on the guard room, just to do it, but my biggest fear is the medical staff, about whom I haven't heard too many beautiful things. Anyway, I'll take a look at ATi to make it clear
I came back from the analysis & # 33 My fears were well-founded. Today I met some more wonderful specimens. I will write on the forum about my experience today. Click me & # 33
Today I went crazy for the medications that the anesthetist recommended to me. I found them all with great difficulty at a pharmacy, otherwise I had to go all over Bucharest. I am thinking of publishing a list, as an informative fact, because many ask out of curiosity what drugs they should buy. I am aware that not everyone receives the same list, but I will do something indicative. Click me & # 33

December 5, 2010 â & # x20AC; & # x153; I have a carrot in my assâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; Why did I wait so long? God give me the last mind & # 33 Tomorrow is the big day. I hope everything is super ok. Finally another life begins for me. That's what the doctor told me, that I chose to start a new life & # 33 I'm so happy & # 33

December 6, 2010 â € œI didnâ € TMt sleep for more than 2 hours, I had diarrhea all day yesterday and tonight. It has nothing to do with emotions, but with my gallbladder surgery. Anyway, I am stressed by the idea that my belly will grab me on the operating table or after the operation. But anyway I am determined to get down and go to the bathroom. That's the only way I've done it every time. A cut doesn't beat me.

I'm back home & # 33 I haven't heard anyone come home & # 33 I'm seriously thinking about the events that took place. I have already written on the forum about my experience. Click me & # 33

They took me down from the ward, after telling me that I would be in room 103. I was hoping that my mother would be able to see me after the operation. They took me in my pajamas, with a pile of medicines in my arms (people look at me strangely when they see me with the box in their arms) and the envelope hidden in the box. I want to make sure I wake up from the anesthesia, so I have to act before the operation. Ever since I met the anesthetist, I've loved her. She is very pretty, fine and I have great confidence in her. They took me to a room, I think it's kind of a waiting room. They left my file on the bed and left.

A red-painted girl (lighter than me), came and showed up boldly: I'm an anesthesiologist ... as if I was interested in meeting the staff & # 33 It's obvious she wants something. I have nowhere to go and so I barely got the 4000 euros. I want to go to the Buddha, but he leads me to a room with a toilet bowl, where it is obvious that he is smoking to death. The vessel has no coil and I didn't even think to take paper with me. I give up the attempt and I sincerely hope he doesn't grab me on the operating table.

The anesthetist came. It's like I saw a person very dear to me. I feel safe and I'm glad she came to take me to surgery. I have no emotions, because I know a lot about it. â € ¦ cuts as in gallbladder surgery.

I'll go to room 6. Does the number matter? Not for me. Maybe for them. I entered the room with a box in my arms. I am greeted by an army of people. I don't know who the people are. They can be nurses or who I know who I am. I can't remember the girls. One of them resembles the assistance of Dr. Munteanu that I saw on the ward, but what should she look for here? Maybe she's assisting him, not just doing scriptology (I found out later that it was Dr. Ichiman).

They told me to get on that little table, half the size of my ass and not to sit too low so as not to break my legs. I have experience from previous surgery. But why the hell are these tables so narrow? I wonder how they operated on Mrs. Viorica Samson, who weighed 205 kg. Also on a table like this, half my ass? Well, they know better. I can't get on the table, I need a stool. I ask for him too ... with a super sharp figure, one of the extras offers it to me, but she doesn't lift it from below, she just pushes it with her foot and on her forehead it is written in bright letters ... give me money, give me money & # 33 Just for that? Wait & # 33 I was annoyed by the scene and I already feel my heart beating much faster than it should. I sit down where they said and ask the anesthesiologist to do something so that my heart doesn't beat so hard anymore. He assures me he'll give me something.

They started to tie me up, they put some metal supports under my soles and now they wrap some gray-anti-jeg rags on my legs. Someone tells me I'm for a massage. It's good if it gives you a massage at the cost of the operation. This massage is a bit expensive, but that's it. The rhythm of my heartbeat has already begun to be heard in the hall. They also put an infusion on my left hand. They have already tied me up and on my right hand someone is struggling to put a sleeve on my tensioner.What should I do if it doesn't include me? As you only operate on overweight people on a daily basis ... how can you not have a suitable device? Ehh, let's just say I've been to the Balkans for a long time.

I'm already starting to feel dizzy & # 33 I tell the doctor, but she says she knows, she gave me pre-anesthesia and she's getting ready to put me to sleep. I ask her to tell Dr. Munteanu not to cut me in the navel area, because that's where the waistband from the pants comes from and I am very bothered by the previous cut. She replied, that I could tell her alone, because the doctor was in the room. I see him and shake his hand, happy. I hope in myself that he woke up rested and that he is as happy as I was when I woke up in the morning. In the hall you can hear my heart still beating with anger. Why is it beating so fast?

The doctor is somewhere between my legs and if I didn't know it was a stomach operation, I'd think it's weird with his position there. I start to laugh, but I don't say anything. I can't think of anything else, because the doctor's serious voice is heard: We don't do the operation anymore, not in these conditions & # 33 I can't believe, something is wrong & # 33 Why? Did I do anything wrong? Didn't the kit end up at the company where I paid for it? Are medicines not enough?

I feel like crying and I feel very bitter. I'm ashamed of the doctor, but I'd be saddened by the mother of fire. They have already begun to untie me. I feel like I've been drinking non-stop for 5 days. Somewhere a fatter nurse like me and a thinner one appeared. They told me to roll from the operating table to another bed. I'm wodering why?

I try to get off the table by myself, but no one leaves me. How I raise my head (they put something under my head), how things take off and everything spins. Why the hell didn't I stop drinking earlier? But what did I drink because my head spins like that? With torment, without raising my head, I roll into the next bed. From here, an obstacle course to the elevators begins. To catch an elevator you can stay 10 minutes. They didn't cover me with anything and I'm cold. Everyone looks at me, as if I'm naked. What, they've never seen pajamas like mine? That, I suppose, attracts attention

I took the elevator after I don't know how many minutes, because during this time I kept my hands on the bed so that it wouldn't spin anymore and I didn't realize how long I waited. I got to room 103. My mother greets me scared & # 33 She probably imagines something bad has happened. I'm helped off the bed and into my bed. Once you sit still, you made me dizzy. # 33 Why is it all around me or in my head?

I can't even put my head on the pillow, because an unknown doctor enters accompanied by a disability that I noticed from the day with the tests. Small and dense, with many kilograms overboard, with a haircut at least strange for her age, she gives order to the left and to the right, as if she is on her estate. The unknown doctor instantly became my enemy. In a rude tone he tells me to leave the bed free because another patient will come to my bed. And everything is spinning in my head ... and without stopping. I can't believe what I'm hearing and I think that pre-anesthesia also affected my hearing. But sure, I heard right. Dr. Viziteu (I found out later that this is his name) said very clearly and in a very rude way, to leave. I get up with my mother's help and struggle to find my jeans and sneakers.

Still dizzy from the mother of fire, I leave the living room and go to sit in the corridor on one of the radiators, because there are not many chairs. A nurse tells me that Dr. Munteanu will come to see me. The doctor tells me that he scheduled me for a cardiology consultation at 11.30. It's only 8 o'clock ... I'm sleepy and things continue to revolve around me. I'd like to stay in bed and sleep, but I don't know ... the radiator is inviting, because it's hot, but it's damn hard.

The hours passed with torment ... it was time for me to meet with the cardiologist. Because I'm not in control of myself yet, and my mother is very old and has a sore ankle, we decide to go to the fourth floor by elevator. On the plaque above it says: Elevator for patients. After good minutes we manage to make an elevator to stop at stall I. The elevator is outraged that we called her and she wants to tell us a few. I remind him that the elevator is for patients and that I am a hospital patient. He closes his mouth, but with a sour face I think he swears hard at me, thinking.

We go down to the fourth floor, where it is as if you were trying to enter the gate of heaven. A cerberus stands by the panda at the door and does not let anyone in. I tell him that I have a scheduled consultation with the doctor he chose, Dr. Munteanu. After another half hour I have the opportunity to meet Ariadna Cuidesean, a cardiologist. He takes me and puts me in a small office, where he makes me sit on the bed, on the left side.

I struggle like a failed whale to sit in position, while it twists me with some cold gel to do an ultrasound. My young and restless heart is super ok. I have no problem with it. He tells me to get out of bed, but he doesn't have any wipes to wipe me with. I wipe myself with what I can and I leave the office glad that I don't have heart problems, but I am recommended to take a medicine to slow down my heartbeat and a medicine with magnesium and potassium as a protector of the heart muscle.

The doctor asked me what I was eating. I told her that I had been eating the hyperprotein diet recommended by Dr. Munteanu for 12 days. She says to leave the diet and eat vegetables and fruits to have an increased intake of potassium and magnesium.

We went down the stairs so as not to run into the kind elevator. I can't meet Dr. Munteanu anymore, because he's in the operating room again. I sit and wait for him on the radiator. Luckily I stop them at noon, otherwise my ass will catch fire. After 2 hours of waiting, at my insistence, I finally feel sorry for the doctor's nurse and she goes to the operating room to ask him what to do. The doctor transcribes my cardiology network and tells me to go home and look for him on the phone on Saturday after 8 pm, when he will find out which room I will be assigned to on Monday, December 13, 2010. I ask the nurse if I should keep the hyperprotein diet, because the cardiologist said I should eat vegetables and fruits. She says to give him meat and cheese forever. Who is right? Who should I listen to? We go home, with a bent heart and a bitter feeling of defeat. I hope 13 is not a fateful number for me. Anyway, I don't believe in that, but it seems like it all started badly

A week's break in which I worry all sorts. I received a lot of messages of encouragement. That makes a house of money. It's good to know that someone is supporting you. However, encouragement cannot erase the worry that encompasses me every day. I don't know what makes me happy to see Dr. Zugravu again. I think it was love at first sight. I hope the doctor has an easy week and is fresh at the meeting we have for Monday. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Good thing she's healthy & # 33 Anyway, I thought I'd ask her to let me sleep for a while before I can calm down. I hope they will

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St. John, Dr. R. Monteanu-6.12.2010 - GS.- Hospital Diary 1 *** Hospital Diary 2 *** Hospital Diary 3-or how I spent a night in Hell
Phase II op. 13.12.2010- The end of the Hospital Journal - or how the devils enjoy human weaknesses. *** Drugs

# 5 adi_dalma

Yoo_naa I read your posts with my heart in my mouth. I'm so sorry you went through so many trials. These attempts normally affect you mentally. But I'm sure you'll be fine. If you recover medically (physically), you will be OK and mentally & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33
I did not go through trials like this as a patient, but as a relative. And I know how things are in our hospitals.

But. after the acute part passes. you will calm down. you will have no more pain. you will lose weight. you will find a well-paid job (so the financial part will seem insignificant). you will forgive. you will have more and more moments of forgetfulness.

[url = http: //]

The secret of a healthy mind and body is not to cry after the past or to worry about the future or to anticipate trouble, but to live the moment wisely. And honest.

# 6 billie

# 7 Cata33

YooNaa, for a start I want to congratulate you for the way you write. Not a few people can say so much without repeating themselves and without becoming boring. Your story, not very pleasant, determined me to read everything and not only. Let me ask ONCE AGAIN questions about this operation. That's why I don't. fear of what will be then and after. Basically, I'm afraid of not dying (literally) or of having unbearable pain (at best). Because honestly, I think there are very few people who are aware of what is happening to us there and nurses, cows who only know how to take the money without doing ANYTHING they should do for free, not even it happens.
I believe every word written by you, regarding the "very nice" treatment you received there from the nurses. Why do I think? I'll tell you about three so-called nurses.
1. A year ago I was listening to the radio. I'm not saying which post should not be considered an advertisement. They had a contest that you had to answer with, "I'm listening to the radio." & quot. The radio guy chooses a no. and call. and call. and call. at one point, a squeaky scream answers. Daaaa & quot. I pray. the guy on the radio tells him that he lost a nice amount of money, a few hundred euros that the girl tells him is no problem, he didn't think to answer properly because he was at the pool at Marriott. to which the one on the radio asks her what profession she has and the answer was: MEDICAL ASSISTANCE & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 Even the producer of the show was shocked and commented negatively. The conclusion.
2. I have an acquaintance who is not even a nurse but only a secretary in Fundeni, at the Oncology department for women. At one time, I was a representative of a well-known cosmetics company for women, and in a discussion I asked her if she needed any perfumes to which the answer was: "No girl I receive from patients and to their relatives. If you see how desperate they are to come there, I don't even know what to give you. I was shocked and disgusted by her answer and for days I wondered how the hell she can put her head on the pillow when she knows she is taking advantage of such desperate people. It seems to me the peak of inhumanity.
3. About 2 years ago, a good friend of my husband was in the hospital. An old man, at 70 or so, he gets sick and transports them to the Municipal. After two days we go to visit. As I entered I was shocked by what I saw: an unbreathable atmosphere, I think it was over 50 degrees in the living room, the old man had a pampers full of urine and practically the bed was still only urine, and in his hand he had a catheter (or something, no I know the exact term) without a stopper from which the blood flowed non-stop and the old man's blood flowed from it. The other patients in the salon were desperate because they had called the great ladies, but none of them had gone to do anything.
With the last money I had in the wallet, I paid for a catheter plug, a dry diaper and a book-like rebuke. He was also to blame for everything.

Therefore, dear YooNaa, I believe everything you have said about these specimens that we encounter whenever we have to resort to medical services. Doctors are not as bad as they are. Not nearly.

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# 8 pink

Yoonaa, you emotionally recounted the moments of horror and pain you went through, I'm so sorry for you, I hope God will be with you and help you get back to LA many years & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 and a year full of joy.

operated by Dr. Copaescu
on 12.04.2010

On May 12, 2010 -12kg
June 14, 2010 -6kg
July 14, 2010-5kg

12 oct2010-2kg. I AM NORMOPONDERAL
11 November 2010-1kg
12 Dec 2010-2kg. 17 feb -1kg. March 12 -1kg

# 9 bellamama

# 10 YooNaa

I decided to write the Hospital Diary in several parts, in order to be easier to read, especially since there are also many personal reflections.

December 6-10, 2010 â € œItâ € TMs the week I follow the high-protein diet again. Damn it & # 33 I 'm like a stew of boiled meat like I' ve never hadâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; and Iâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; a form. I love to eat meat, I love it for as little as I can now, when I eat it boiled and it tastes like unwashed socks for a year & # 33 I know, if I like meat the same way. I think he knew something, especially now that he torments me every day to eat 2 meals of 300 grams of boiled meat. Couldn't it be a barbecue? But I think I have to go through the caudal forks to become a healthy person. I hope I stay just as healthy and with the attic ... otherwise? & # 33â & # x20AC; & # x2122! gustative. In this way, I think I don't even need surgery anymore ... it's a pity that after a regime like this (for an extended period of time) you can end up with a drop of all beauty.

At the weekend I introduced, as it says on the foicica (which the doctor's personal secretary gave me) a fruit. Big mistake & # 33 I had diarrhea for days and sat on my stomach non-stop again. Too bad I didn't have books in the bathroom, I could make my living there quietly.

However, one day I cheated ... I couldn't help myself and ate a bowl of beans. I know it has a high percentage of protein, but also a lot of carbohydrates. However, I don't think they will be able to detect at the hospital that I violated the regime, only that Sherlock Holmes disguised himself as Dr. Munteanu. In fact, I'm sorry that I didn't manage to be correct to the end, that someone just won't count how many beans I ate & # 33 As for the vegetable and fruit diet, recommended by the cardiologist ... I leave that as a promise for after surgery & # 33

December 10, 2010 â € œToday I went to the hospital again, because I have an appointment with the cardiologist. We check what state my heart is in and if it beats so fast. Around 11.30, I arrive again in front of the door guarded by another person. I think it's easier to get into Alcatraz than it is to get into the cardiology department. Compared to the surgery department, there's a flower in the ear. This time I don't wait that long.

However, it was 12 o'clock and I have a fixed time at which I should take the hard drive pill. My mother, who is in the room, brings it to me and puts it in my door. I have already managed to enter the gate of heaven & # 33 I have the pill, but I have no water & # 33 I look around, no trace of water or anything to replace. The thought leads me to the idea that some brake fluid would be good, I can just swallow the damn messy pill & # 33 I went crazy, of course. Here's how hospitals in Romania can drive you crazy

Finally the doctor comes and I ask her to give me a glass of water so I can swallow the polka dot for my heart. He promises me he'll try, leave and come back empty-handed. He couldn't find a disposable glass, so the pill can wait. I don't even know what to say, I shut up and went to the striptease session I scheduled.

He only consults me with the stethoscope, he doesn't even do an electrocardiogram. She asks me briefly about how the week went and I generally understand that her part of the job is over. He wishes me all the best and with that the consultation is over. Don't forget to tell me that I should definitely go to a psychologist. Why do you insist so much? It's the second time he tells me that & # 33 I probably have big problems with the attic & # 33 But if so, why not recommend a psychiatrist? What do her words hide?

Finally, I slip my silfid silhouette through the opening of the door and decide to go down to the first floor, where it has already become a very familiar place for me. The seats on the radiator seem to be reserved, it's always free there, but never on the 2-seater sofa next to the door. There are 2 more chairs in the hall, but one I think has been subjected to great tests because it has crooked legs and when I sat on it a few days ago, I was ready to meet £ ă with the floor. I already feel sorry for this hospital, which, with all its human and real estate resources, seems to be suffering from the fats of these ugly people who come to display their killer whale silhouettes. Luckily, the hospital and the staff collect nice sums of money from them, but they are not found in the surrounding landscape.

My doctor is back in the operating room, so no chance of meeting him. I'm sure he knows he's haunted like ghosts in the hospital corridors, but the poor man has work to do. In a way, I feel sorry for him. His job (at least from my point of view) is not very creative or very appetizing. The only thing that makes him do such a job is financial motivation. The rest, but what do I know? I just need a psychologist for the wheels on my head

In my heart I carry a little joy, like a mustard seed. Doesn't Christ say, "If you had faith like a mustard seed, you could move mountains?" I have a mustard seed and I don't even want to move mountains, I just want to be able to go to ATI to meet Dr. Zugravu.

I slip through the door of ATI and reach the area where the doors open to the 2 salons where people sit sardines 8 or 10 at a time (I never counted because I was terrified to go in there) in special beds, tied to hoses and other things I don't want to remember.

A guy dressed in a green suit (maybe a nurse, maybe a nurse) sees me and picks me up, asking me who I'm looking for, who the patient I came to is. The tone in which he speaks seems to me to be complicit in how we plan to break into Bill Gates' home. I am annoyed by the tone and especially the idea of ​​complicity that the guy emanates. On his forehead is written like the nurse in the operating room (the one who offered me the stool), â € œGive me moneyâ € ¦ & # 33 & # 33 & # 33â € ¦ and I react violently the idea. Hell, I didn't even get in and you already jumped on me. I tell him out loud and calmly that I am not looking for any patient ... I am the patient & # 33 He deflates like a balloon and goes about his business. Oh, I told you that & # 33

After centuries of struggles, I manage to meet my personal anesthetist. Why do I love this woman? I can't really say everything, but he proved to me that he has a great quality and especially that he doesn't fight with all his heart and by any means to put his hand in my pocket. Too bad it's just her and not the rest of the medical staff.

We sat on our gates in a room reserved for anesthetists. I ask her about the fact that I have a lot of pain medication in Pandora's box. He tells me that the operation is very painful and that I will have very strong mistakes. I wonder why, only at the gallbladder operation after 2 days could I do a contortion number on the tail of the broom? & # 33 tells me that cutting the stomach is a very traumatic operation for the patient and that it gives very great pain. In a way, it scared me a little, but I got caught up in the chorus ... now I have to play. No one on the forum also mentioned excruciating pain. She may be exaggerating ... but I donâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t thinkâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t seem like a very serious person & # 33 I have a very low tolerance for pain. I hope with all my heart that I don't just feel so strong and I put my hope in the pile of medicines I bought.

I think about her words, but I tell myself that maybe I won't be one of the freshmen. I can't seem to realize how much truth she's hiding. Painâ € ¦ Well who hasn't had a stomach acheâ € ¦ occasionally and we still know what it means.

He prescribes me a xanax pill to take in the evening before bed and gives me the morning-after pill for the operation. I ask her about the fact that on the medical record, the cardiologist recommended electrolyte tests before the operation. She no longer has to worry about looking for the card and very kindly asks a nurse from the "horror room" to take my blood. The nurse is not as kind, but she wants to make it clear to me in a sweet tone that if I have surgery on Monday, then she's on duty. Is there an epidemic, something in this hospital? Why do all the medical staff have to introduce themselves or tell me things that don't interest me? Does her statement have any hidden meaning? I don't know and I don't care. With happy steps I manage to get rid of ATI and according to the understanding, I go home, and on Saturday after 8 pm, I will call the doctor to ask him what time to show up on Monday at hospital.

I don't forget to stop by the pharmacy to buy the xanax pill. The pharmacist looks at me in amazement, how the hell do I ask for a pill? What if the doctor prescribed me that much? I 'm not going to go to the operation on drugs, just a little dizzy & # 33

The days left until the operation are spent reading the forum, with a carrot in the bottom and a cabbage in the head because of the information, but also the emotions. I think I had to buy a Voerner scraper, because they kept asthenizing us with the TV commercial.

December 11, 2010 â & # x20AC; & # x153; I decided to take the laxatives today and not tomorrow because I risk sitting on my stomach again and the neighbors don't think they want to see my mother at their place. Of course I have diarrhea again, but I don't leave the 3 dulcolax pills around my neck in the hope that I won't have any problems at the hospital, the installation being emptied.

December 12, 2010 â € œI have one more day until my life changes. I can't wait & # 33 I can't afford to get emotional, last time I saw what happened. From time to time, I count my heartbeats on my watch to make sure she doesn't go crazy. I force myself to be calm when I'm on the operating table, I think about trying to say a prayer or ... to count and ... or what I know, what a trick not to go crazy.

I emptied the facility, but I still have diarrhea and that annoys me to death. Eventually I snap and take an envelope of ENTEROLCTIS and think that even if the diarrhea stops anyway I have nothing in my stomach that could make me feel ashamed. Anyway, I only drank liquids all day, I didn't put anything solid. At this rate will I be able to blow the wind like a sheet of paper ... what the hell do I need surgery for? It is clear that I do not have all the neurons at home, if I still insist on giving 4000 euros to lose weight.

It's getting late and I'm getting a Clexane injection. I know that the leaflet says to insert the needle perpendicularly and completely not only partially. From experience, in order not to hurt as much as the craters on the moon, it must be inserted into the fat fold at an angle of 30 degrees (rather along the fold, rather than perpendicular). I don't forget to take the xanax pill and go to bed hoping my hdd is okay. I don't forget to take a look at the forum and I pray that everything will be fine.
Tomorrow is 13 & # 33 And what if? I'm lucky on the 13th and Tuesday and Thursday, and I love black cats, and to meet priests ... hahaha, I was 4 years among 370 priests, so I don't believe in superstitions & # 33

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St. John, Dr. R. Monteanu-6.12.2010 - GS.- Hospital Diary 1 *** Hospital Diary 2 *** Hospital Diary 3-or how I spent a night in Hell
Phase II op. 13.12.2010- The end of the Hospital Journal - or how the devils enjoy human weaknesses. *** Drugs

# 11 YooNaa

Hospital Diary III - or how I spent a night in Hell

December 13, 2010 â € œI woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning. I can't remember what I dreamed, to see if it foretells something ... It's like a repetitive ritual ... I swallow the morning-after pill of the operation, I clothe myself again with CHLORHEXIDINE from under my breasts to at the pubis and I can't help but remember a student song:

It's clear I went crazy, but it's not my fault in its entirety & # 33 I just did that last week. I dress about the same and continue on the same known and beaten path to St. John's Hospital. Again, with my backpack on my back and Pandora's box in my arms.

At the hospital I see the same familiar faces ... the little, thin nurse who took care of me last time (Emilia) doesn't take me in today, maybe because she's taking care of other patients. I did not understand very well what is the dynamics of the way the nurses rotate, but it is certain that at least in the morning shift I am an army. In fact, that struck me the first time I came to the ward. An army of doctors and it seems that everyone has an army of subordinate nurses.

At the door I am greeted by the eternal bodyguard (an older person), who should now know me, because I have haunted enough in the hallways of the surgery department. But, not this morning, I think he woke up face to face with the sheet and wants to do his job with all his might. The doctors are in the report room, and he is trying to keep me in the hallway, although I try to explain to him that I am scheduled for surgery. I get annoyed and it goes through my head that he just doesn't want the money to let me go into the ward. In a determined tone he tells me that if he sees me Mr. teacher gets upset and struggles with Mr. Professor up and Mr. Teacher down, until I get angry and I tell her, that I'm a teacher too, and what if she's upset, professor, that I just didn't come to look at foreign cars. He sees that he can't hold my chest and leaves me to pay the Lord.

I cling to a nurse in passing and tell her why I came and ask her which salon they will accommodate me in. He tells me that I can go to the same salon, that is 103. I think that maybe I will find people I know and that makes me happy, in a way. In the living room, the environment has been redecorated ... Mrs. Viorica has disappeared (she would have gone home, after a month in the hospital, she would have had enough), there are some new faces and a free bed waiting for me.

Just like last time, I start my striptease number and change into my pajamas. Soon, an unknown nurse comes and makes me want to go to the operating room. I can't say goodbye to my mother and start on the same path, with the box in my arms and some emotions. All I'm afraid of is not repeating last week's phase.

My good fairy (Dr. Zugravu) is at the gate between the worlds and she is waiting for me. We follow the same path and he asks me how I felt last week. I tell you that I was fine and that I was a good girl and took all the prescribed polka dots. Today I am scheduled in room 9. He doesn't tell me the number, but I am unpleasantly surprised that the operating table is exactly the opposite of last time. I don't think it matters too much, but I had prepared another scheme for the branula, sphygmomanometer and what other monkeys would tie to me.

Like last time, I am greeted by an army of nurses ... because I do not distinguish them. They seem a little kinder, maybe someone told them about last week's experience and maybe they're trying not to scare me. Dr. Ichiman, whom I now know, comes to me with an idol, which he reads to me aloud and resolutely, to make sure I understand. It's about the agreement for the operation, which they didn't ask me to sign last time. I'm wodering why? Either they are signed selectively, or they also have memory leaks.Now, of course, I'm starting to sign, because I'm a patient I can't trust.

By and large the agreement reads as follows: we do not accept any liability for the period of the operation and what happens, we do not guarantee in any way the result of the operation and if something unforeseen occurs during the operation And it endangers the patient's life, we cannot be held accountable. Please, he also has a part in which he says that it is attested to the fact that I, the patient, have understood what the risks are and that I assume them, that I have been informed about how everything will go. But, I state out loud, that in fact they do not assume in any way and of any color, no responsibility. The doctor agrees with my finding and tries in some way to apologize for the wording of the document. Ehhh, we're in Romania. Is there at least one worker who is responsible for what he does?

I am already on the table in position, I know the protocol and I am waiting for the massage included in the price of the operation to start. I have the pliers on my finger, but I still can't hear my heart beating. I hope it's good & # 33 Dr. Munteanu appears in his green suit, and I shake his hand happily and ask him if he slept well and if he woke up with the desire to make me a good hara-kiri. A nurse is busy arranging a lot of tables next to me and some TVs and it occurs to me that they may want to watch a replay match. I'm saying nonsense ... I know I'm for the camera that will film inside the abdomen.

This is the moment when the thread breaks ... probably the Barca won on the road, a few hundred thousand more children were born, a few hundred more people died, the earth has turned even further ... some have managed to discover the hole in the pretzel, but I am already in the other world.

I wake up drunk when someone tells me to get out of bed and move to another bed. I'm too tormented to realize anything, I obey orders, I leave my belly soft and I'm already in another bed. Among the eyelashes I notice that I am not in the "horror room" and that I have another colleague in suffering. I have another moment of lucidity, in which an unknown blonde puts a heart in my hand and wishes me all the best. I realize it's Roxana and I wonder how she managed to see me so quickly, after Dr. Munteanu married me. I don't have time to be too happy to find out, because I instantly drop my eyes in my mouth and fall asleep.

During this time, about 1 hour - 1 hour and a half my mother was waiting for me in room 103. At one point a nurse with an oversized size came to her â € “much fatter than me â €“ (certainly a you will spot, if you get to the hospital), who asked for toilet paper and introduced herself as the one who will take care of me. My mother handed him a roll of toilet paper and they both went to ATI. The caring nurse went unnoticed with my paper, and I woke up the moment I felt I needed to go to the bathroom. In the meantime, there were 2 more nurses who also said that they would take care of me. I was already overwhelmed by so much care, especially since no one had asked for anything.

When I was ready to run the number with the flask, I found that I had no toilet paper. The nurse told me the flask, she asked my mother about the paper mentioned above. Take it from where it's not & # 33 The ruddy parpanghela, she took my paperâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; and she was taken away. 3 finds her and asks her from the cheek. After a while, he comes with another roll of paper and says that he had an emergency and that he tangled the rolls. I feel compelled instantly, but I know it won't work with all the EMESET ampoules I have in the box.

We painstakingly execute the number with the flask in several positions, but to no avail. Who else mentioned urinating in bed? Everyone has a reflex that you don't have to urinate when sitting horizontally. Until we fall asleep, we have a well-rooted reflex. The nurse leaves, letting me reflect on the immortality of the soul ... but also on how I could turn on the tap. I think I pulled some more agile during this time, I have a liquid in my head anyway that walks with every move and I tend to agree with the tormented citizen & # 33 Yes, who do I vote with? But how do I urinate, that I'm getting past the mother of fire?

I have a roll of paper towels with me, which I use to cover the roll of the toilet bowl. The door only closes halfway, but what does it matter ... I don't care if I see myself in the back. I manage to solve the burning problem that brought me there and I go back to bed on three paths. Nurse no. 3 notices that I went to the toilet and it starts to snake like a snake's mouth ... why didn't I call her to go to the toilet? I forgot to say that he is a weak person, who is kind of blown away by the wind and anyway, if I have a strange idea to fall from my height and especially the tonnage, not I think it can only serve as my mattress. My mother thanked her elegantly for her concern and the incident ended.

My suffering colleague (I found out later), is the wife of a very well known and quite important doctor from Transylvania. I can't give a name, because. Although I had her husband's phone number (she didn't have a phone), I only remembered her first name. It is operated by Dr. Copăescu, laparoscopic extraction of pancreatic cysts. I don't know much about the subject, but it has exactly the same symptoms as me. In addition, he has a urinary catheter, so he no longer has to visit the Buddha. Although she looks younger than me, she is very scared and especially scared.

I did not feel the nasal tube at first, but over time it makes its presence felt. A dark liquid flows on the hose and I, in my naivety, imagine that it is gastric juice. Time passes very hard, I fall asleep from time to time, but I also feel some pain, not unbearable.

After a while, around 8 pm, my mother leaves me and I stay with my salon colleague and my husband. From time to time he starts and cries because of the pain. My husband calls the nurse on duty on duty and so I choose something calming. I wonder if my mother subsidized the tour nurse in any way so I wouldn't die in agony overnight. The night is the hardest to bearâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; especially the first nightâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s anyway.

It's 10 pm, the doctor's husband has to leave and leave us alone, to manage as best we can. Don't forget to take a few more blue papers out of your wallet and stuff them in foreign pockets. The man leaves calmly that everything will be fine. But the bill at home doesn't match the one on the stretcher in half an hour. I call him to come with other ampoules of painkillers, because his wife is screaming in pain, literally. He's back in half an hour, but no one seems to be paying attention to his wife. The guy is full of nerves and has a reason. I feel a better idea and for now I refrain from seeking medical help. After secular struggles comes someone and the problem of pain is solved ... at the moment, and he has nothing to do but go home. He has to be in Fundeni early in the morning for a cyst biopsy.

Around 11 pm, the madness begins. The nurse left and closed the door behind her. At ATI it's very cold, compared to the surgery department. I'm just starting to get different, but I'm also very cold. My colleague, feel the same way. We endure, what we endure, after which I, because I am facing the door, begin to shout: Nurse, nurse & # 33 Only that the nurse either does not feel like a lady or has a limp ear but it is not responsible for any color. I can't find a viable solution to make it heard. It occurs to me to try to throw something in the door, but I have nothing to do with it.

My colleague starts vomiting through tears. It's the first time I've seen the liquid in the drain hose and I realize it's blood. I still shout without success. My colleague has a roll of healthier toilet paper, with which she begins to knock on the window that separates the reserves. And it beats ... and it beats ... it just, just someone hears it. Nobody hears us, even though they're still breaking the window. I think he beats both hard and in pain, but also in anger. He beats and cries ... and vomits. The tray is full of blood and I think if he vomits again, he will have nowhere to go.

I think because of the agitation, I get a kind of cough. I'm very cold and I think I need a cold now. I cough and even easily, and I start to take out what's in my stomach. I have the tray close to me, so it's not a problem. I'm afraid it won't fill up and then what do I do? My colleague, she is tired and starts crying again. He asks me to call my husband. Poor man, I think he just put his head on the pillow. I call him and tell him that no one is coming and that the situation is blue.

The man swears with thirst at the end of the thread, but he tells me that he can't come and that he has nothing to do. I am not a plaintive person or a spoiled person. I wouldn't even look good at my age. If I had been diligent, I could have been a grandmother at this age. But, due to the situation and the blood hydrant, it seems that they fitted it in my stomach during the operation, I start to cry. I call my mother in the brains of the night, weeping for the mother of fire. My mother, an elderly woman and a sleepwalker give me the same answer as the woman's husband. I feel helpless, the blood is still springing from my stomach and the tray has become too big. I try to turn to the left (it hurts to death, I can feel my breath cut off) to vomit by the bed. It occurs to me to call Dr. Munteanu, but it's midnight and I'm ashamed. I think that tomorrow, early in the morning, the doctor has scheduled operations and it would not be fair to wake him up.

I am full of nerves and all sorts of thoughts run through my head. I'm afraid my colleague fainted. I don't realize ... he doesn't say anything anymore, he has tears on his cheek, but he doesn't seem to be breathing. Suddenly I get the idea to call 112. I'm mean to myself, thinking I'll call and make everyone shit. That's worth it & # 33 Or rather I should call a television ... and then shut up.But, I can't do this for 2 reasons: my doctor, who has no guilt and would appear in the press for no reason ... and the press, if he wants to give you, doesn't think too much. And the fact that, in terms of the profession, I am a public person (attention, not VIP & # 33). He gives up the idea, but a devil makes me enjoy the image of a scandal.

It's been half an hour since we bothered to call anyone. I have no idea. My colleague is resurrected and starts to cry again in pain. We stand with our ears pricked up, maybe we will hear some noise to make a noise then, because otherwise we will waste our forces. In the end, it seems that someone is approaching our door and with the last resources we are trying to get attention. Uffff, the door opens and a person (I don't remember what it looked like) asks us what the bathroom is? & # 33 & # 33 Even if I have no guilt, I'm ashamed to do it with eggs and with vinegar and I tell him in a faded voice, that I have nowhere to vomit, that I am dying of death, that I am cold and I have frozen and that I want a sedative and something for nausea ă.

The nurse runs with great force and my colleague asks for an account, about the closed door and about her presence at work. He starts to say that they were I don't know where (I didn't really understand something like that, that they were in the emergency room or in the ward, that it wasn't enough staff). It is a big lie, as big as the house & # 33 The important thing is that we receive the substances in the infusion and that makes us calm down for a while. The nurse prepares to leave and rolls over the doll and closes the door again. I shout at her with all my might and tell her not to close the door, and she motivates me to close it so that we don't get cold. However. at my insistence, it leaves her a little cracked.

The hours pass agonizingly slowly. I feel that I am between two worlds, that of the blessed, forgetful sleep and the real world in which the pains do not give me peace and the clock moves with the speed of the snailâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; After good minutes, To count them ... maybe a hundred, maybe more, seems to be done in the morning. I don't feel any better, but I push myself hard into the metal support above my head, even if it hurts a lot and I get on the edge of the bed. Buda with her powers in front of Morgana, miraculously attracts me. With torment and as if I had been drinking all night, I reach my destination.

Someone, (a man) I don't know where, because I'm already in bed, in my place ... you can hear him arguing with the medical staff. The man shouts from all corners that he wants to go to bed, but a quarrelsome voice tells him to stay in bed. If he has a urine catheter, why does he still urinate? It is clear that the man does not have and makes a scandal, you only manage to get to the place with greenery, from where all the sadness and sigh fled & # 33 The quarrel lasts for a quarter of an hour ... the man has power no joke if he hasn't done it on him yet. I no longer know how to solve the problem, because I fall into the arms of sleep.

I wake up very early in the morning, hoping that my doctor has come and will endure to remove my nasal tube, which is already burning me and started to just strangle me. her cause. I can't stand it anymore and to the pains I had, there is also the sore throat. I give a blue sheet of toothpaste and a toothbrush because I have a taste in my mouth, as if I've been nibbling horseshoes all night. At least they were lucky

Around 7.30 the anesthesiologist comes to see me and soon Dr. Munteanu comes. He asks me about the "wonderful" time I spent at ATI and the "dream" night I had. Without warning me, he takes the snake that burned me all night out of my throat and tells me that they will move me to the ward immediately. Uraaaaa, yupeeeeee & # 33 I escaped & # 33 I'm glad with all my being that the nightmare is over. In fact, I don't even know what awaits me

Sorry to leave my colleague alone, helped by my mother, who also presented herself on duty, I meet again the ruddy Parpanghela, which transports me to the living room. The mother fails to keep up with her and is left behind. The obstacle course starts again, if you don't take care of your hands you risk being stuck with them on a door. We get to the elevator and Pantagruel's wife starts telling me from the cheek, that she was the one who brought me from the operating room last time and she is also the one who fought me to put me ®n pat. Who did I fight with, because I remember well (and I also asked my mother to confirm) that I got out of bed alone, no one took me. in my arms, much less to have a sumo wrestling match with anyone. The woman asks for money without shame, just don't say in front of me: Give me & # 33 In the end I give the two carriers 10 lei each and we end the friendship, with wishes of good. However, it is worth asking her what she did with my toilet paper. Maybe he didn't have enough and that's why he needed money & # 33

I'm glad the mother of fire, as if I won the LOTTO, that I got to the section, but I'm naive ... I don't even know what awaits me & # 33

St. John, Dr. R. Monteanu-6.12.2010 - GS.- Hospital Diary 1 *** Hospital Diary 2 *** Hospital Diary 3-or how I spent a night in Hell
Phase II op. 13.12.2010- The end of the Hospital Journal - or how the devils enjoy human weaknesses. *** Drugs

# 12 gabitzab

Hospital Diary III - or how I spent a night in Hell

I & quotrasu-planu & quot.
Congratulations as:
- you went through these with humor (as I say, only smart people have HUMOR) although I'm sure that only humor did not burn you but it's good to extract funny things from anything
- You have a writing talent that I can only call EXTRAORDINARY
to see when you're going to become a sylph, that someone is deliberately pulling a tooth out of your face to & quotstir & quot some of your brilliance to take karate classes & # 33

Congratulations on being, in the end, a winner.

# 13 annalou

Hospital Diary III - or how I spent a night in Hell

YooNaa, you're wonderful, I feel like you, I actually think I & # 33 & # 33 & # 33
I hope you feel better and that you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When you get close to her, it won't seem like you won the lottery, but you won't be far from that feeling, believe me.

Gastric sleeve Oct 1 2009, Dr. Copaescu, St. John's Hospital

# 14 adi_dalma

Yoo-Naa. these things need to be said & # 33

As I said before, I am, unfortunately, familiar with hospitals, as an owner.
I must admit that there are also extraordinary people at Spit Sf Ioan. There was a nurse at the Urology Department (where my father was hospitalized), named Mihaela, who was ALONE in the whole department and, one night around 4 (I had left at 3.30), she saved my father. She was poor (I say poor because she weighed 45 kg with her backpack) and walked around all the salons to see what and how. He spoke nicely to patients, caressed them. I haven't seen anything like it since. An angel & # 33
Even now I don't know why I didn't keep my promise to go to Dir Hospital to praise her & # 33 Maybe because after the fire hour passed I thought how normal it is for people in a hospital to supervise patients 33

How are you feeling now?

[url = http: //]

The secret of a healthy mind and body is not to cry after the past or to worry about the future or to anticipate trouble, but to live the moment wisely. And honest.

# 15 YooNaa

HOSPITAL JOURNAL IV - or how the devils enjoy human weaknesses

We are all human and have weaknesses ... just as some of us keep them deep hidden, and others show them to the joy of the devils and the abomination of the people ...

For a period of 2 weeks I will try to describe the environment, the medication I received, my state of health and my relationships with people in the environment ...

14 - 16 December 2010 â & # x20AC; & # x153; I got to Room 103, where my winter residenceâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; is my bed. What does that mean? Well, most beds (with small exceptions) have a metal frame and as a bed base, a braid of metal strips, tied to the edge of the bed with some springs. Why do I strive to describe so fervently a thing that is normally found in a hospital ward? For someone who has not set foot in the surgery department at St. John's Hospital (and will never get there), it may seem like a personal fetishistic inclination. But for those who will spend a few days of their lives there, you will see that it is very important to know what awaits you. For me, the bed I slept on for 2 nights (out of the 2 weeks) decided my fate. That "blessed" bed determined me that 2 days after I came from ATI, I would vehemently ask to go home.

I stated throughout my writing process that I did this operation because of the back pain that I can no longer bear. My hospital bed was the determining factor to leave the hospital, only 2 days after I had surgery and I felt as if I had stepped on the Dolhasca accelerator.

Due to the fact that frequently overweight people stay in these beds, it is normal to think that the beds, be they metallic, give way from time to time. It's just that that bed (and it's not the only one) was more of a hollow or imagine sleeping in a bathtub with your feet and head hanging on the edge. Whatever position you are looking for, you may find it difficult to rest a little.

The vast majority of beds are like this, although the hospital (manager) should purchase some special beds, given the influx of overweight patients who come to have surgery there. Of course someone will tell you that there are no funds, but let's not open the discussion about funds and how they drain in private pockets ... we just live in Romania & # 33 The bed in which Viorica Samson (205 kg) had some BCA blocks wrapped in household bags placed under the mattress ... the contents could probably not be seen. The patient who was in that bed was curious and so we found out what the secret was.

However, they were also lucky patients ... and when I say that, I mean that they managed to remove the headboards and put them under the mattresses, so that the mattress would not fall down. as gravity dictates. But, these beds were few and it was a real hunt when one was released. To top it all off, the boards tucked under the mattress had metal parts that couldn't be removed, and not once did I walk into those metal parts with my feet. in the end I also benefited from such an improved stain).

Do not think that you will easily face these beds, because everyone leaves home with the idea that he will stay 2-3 days in the ward and then return to his personal bed. We never know what the events will be and how long it will take for us to be hospitalized. And I said that I will stay 2-3 days and then I will be at home in my bed, which now after all this experience I love him because I can no longer (I loved him before & # 33). To the praise of ATi (perhaps the only positive thing there), the beds were somewhat in line with the needs of those operated on. Here the beds are like we are in a mountain camp and we can sleep and three in bed, it doesn't matter.

The time spent at ATI was for me a pale glimpse of what awaited me on the section. Not only did the bed problem bother me, but in general the atmosphere you could hardly cope with. In the living room I was received with a slight reluctance, but it is normal because I am an unknown person, who comes with her problems to bother those who are already old tenants of that living room.

Since I did not stay in bed the day I was hospitalized (being at ATI), the bed was not changed.After waiting about 15 minutes for a nurse to come and change my bedding, my mother went alone to look for a nurse. After secular struggles, because not even a nurse's foot could be seen (when you need one, you can find it for sure in the men's toilet or in the annex next to the dining room, where it is smoked ... but , I found out later), he found a nurse, who with a sour face told him that she was busy and to wait for her to come and change my bed.

During this time I am admitted to the edge of another patient's bed (a really special person & # 33), although I have the infusion bag and the drain bag behind me. In the end, the nurse comes to change my bed and I reward her for her hard work with purple paper. Of course, the state pays her for this service and I contribute monthly to health insurance, but I already have experience at ATI.

The 2 days I spend in this salon are remarkable for me. Apart from the fact that I can't rest because of the bed, because whatever position I try, all I have to do is sit on my back (I still can't sleep on my side), the pain on who feel them have begun to shake their heads. Although there are a lot of painkillers left in the medicine box, I always have to ask a nurse to give them to me. The request each time is accompanied by a 10 RON paper. Nobody comes to ask me about my health or if something hurts me ...

Today I went to see Roxana at ATi. The nurses look at me curiously, in their pajamas and with the drain bag on their shoulder. I don't care, just dare someone take me. I feel brave because I am no longer tied to the bed and I can move alone. Roxana is in a reserve similar to mine. She is accompanied by her husband and does not look in the best shape ... but ... what, I was like a popcorn? It seems that he has not managed to get out of bed, not even for the blessed buddha, and he is struggling to make a splash. I don't stay very long, because I don't want to get tired of her and anyway I know that tomorrow we will see each other down on the section.

I can't say that I am a person who has major circulatory problems and the veins in general are visible. Due to the fact that no one manages to find the veins in my arms, the nurses resort to probing, vein to vein of everything that looks bluish on my hands. One in three ... one is lucky. That's how the vein lottery works. During the 2 days, almost all the nurses in the ward walk around, so that we can see who is the luckiest ... he caught her. I don't know if it's a personal problem, but more than 2 bags of infusion solution, my veins can't stand it anymore ... I immediately have catheter phlebitis. Then we have to start all over again and go on a hunt for veins. I find out from my bedmate that it would be easier if ATi put an arterial catheter in me. But, no one solves the ones from ATi and so I support 6-7 stings every day. At first, I count them to see how many times they sting me, but after 20 I lose their string.

There are always a dozen substances for infusion (the nurses bring them with the basket) and I always spend the 2 days with a handkerchief in my hand and the infusion bag behind me. From time to time it is hard for me, but I hope that I will no longer have to use the yellow tray. Because of the substances in the infusion, I spend most of my time in bed, tied to the masks, but also in the bud.

Buddha in Arabic literature (see One Thousand and One Nights & # 33) is a blessed place, where djinnii often appear or where the characters come to mind the most. smart ideas. But since we are neither Arabs nor have anything in common with them, the Buddha at the hospital is far from the inviting place that is talked about in books.

There are 2 toilets, the first one does not close the door in any form, so all I have to do is choose the one to the window. Belongers and not only, come to the bathroom to smoke and generally leave the window open. It's very cold when you go to the Buddha, but I suppose the idea of ​​the fact that the cold preserves things applies here as well. None of the toilet bowls have a drain and are generally dirty with urine. The nurses use the first hut (probably because the door doesn't close anymore) to empty the rafts. The procedure is quite simple, they even have a certain skill, as if emptying it from a distance and trying to find it in the toilet bowl. If that doesn't always happen, it's unlucky.

But, the buds are over-equipped and with a nail (the first one has even 2 & # 33) where the bitterness that comes, to hang the infusion bag. From time to time (as if in the morning, because I see them so seldom that I haven't remembered) the people from the cleaning company come and wipe the floor. In the bathroom. I would put my hand in the fire because with the same mop I wipe the floor through the salons ... but, what a big mess, because that's how we get antibodies & # 33 Depending on their contents, when you enter you feel that you have come across a bouquet of flowers ... and the washbasins are also in a deplorable state of cleanliness and the container in which the pads are placed for disinfection is not missing. I don't know the procedure, because I don't need one either, but I doubt how disinfected those pads are.

The nurses are about 2 on the shift outside of the morning shift, where they are an army. I come from time to time after fundraising. He does not care for patients outside the home, but he does drive their hunger out of his pocket. Of all of them, though, I have to mention Monica. A young, skinny girl with red hair, she seems to be the only human of all. He doesn't grimace when he carries the flask, and he doesn't even seem to be waiting to see if the patient puts his hand in his pocket or not. Patients prefer it and enjoy it while on tour. Otherwise, I'm like a packed wolf pack, which never gets tired. There are cases where my bedmate, (who has a venous bypass and a skin graft on her leg and doesn't have you moving out of bed) sits for an hour on the bed because no one comes to pick up, although from time to time those of us who are stronger go and call the nurses. He sometimes subsidizes them and the woman at one point complains that since she has been in the hospital she has spent only 7 million lei with the nurses. The total fun at St. John's has already exceeded 50 million. Compared to the thousands of euros I gave, it seems small, but its operation is covered by state insurance.

Today my doctor finally allowed me to drink fluids. Flat water, unsweetened compote juice and tea. But before this feast, one of the residents generously offers me a glass of water with methyl blue. It has a horrible taste and with great weight slides down the neck down. I can only take a few mouthfuls, then vomit. It hurts a lot, but I have nothing to do. The doctor generously offers me the rest of the liquid and insists on drinking it. I also know it's for my own good and to see if there is a fistula, but my new stomach doesn't reconcile with the blue liquid at all.

I haven't felt any hunger since he operated on me and honestly I haven't thought about it for a second. I try with some flat water, but with great torment I manage to slip a few drops into my new stomach. I always imagine it as an Oltenian meat and that's why I'm afraid of exaggerating with the quantities introduced. My stomach hurts like I gave him eggplant salad with mayonnaise. From time to time I have some muscle spasms and I feel like someone is clenching my stomach. The operation of introducing the liquid is very painful and every time I swallow a small mouthful of liquid I feel my tears.

From time to time, two of the doctors my doctor has rounded up and come and ask me how I feel. I stubbornly tell them it hurts if I can't, but they say it will pass. I hope so too, although now I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life. Why did I need something like that, when I could lose weight by classical means? I do not particularly sympathize with either of the two doctors, and this is due to the fact that I make a comparison with the other doctors who are residents of other surgeons. The two of them seem superficial to me and I do not see in them any understanding related to the state I am in. I always say it will pass, but I don't bother to explain why I feel so miserable.

Today Florentina Bărsan came to see me. She's a super nice person. With the atmosphere in the hospital and the way time passes, a visit like hers is like a mouthful of fresh tea. She is 5 months old from the operation and she feels and looks gorgeous. We talk, she at a bottle of flat water, me in bed, with eternal pain. She comforts me and from her point of view I look good, especially since I kept flying through the corridors of the hospital. I don't feel at all, as she sees me, but I'm not in the habit of showing my weaknesses.

The nights are the hardest. Aside from the fact that, as if they all decided to just marry me, it's hard for anyone to come up with something. If you have not subsidized the tour assistance, you can expect a lot and well. If he remembers for at least more than one day, it would be a miracle, so the next day you have to contribute again. Because it hurts to roll my eyes, from time to time I moan in pain. The subsidized nurse came and gave me a sedative, but it seems that the effect does not last more than an hour per hour. Due to the fact that some patients in the salon have treatment at 24 hours, no one goes to bed earlier. Because of the pain I don't put eyelash on eyelash. Time passes agonizingly and I feel like I want to take my fields. I want to go home & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33

At 5-6 in the morning the nurses come with thermometers and if you managed to fall asleep, they make sure to wake you up. The living room I live in has people who can't move alone. For this reason, I flip it over and leave the light on in the room to perform the maneuver. It is very difficult to rest in this way. No one rests for more than 3-5 hours. Every day there are visitors, who talk loudly, who perform various maneuvers to improve the comfort of the patient's personal and thus no chance to steal a little sleep.

After 2 days of insomnia and pain, I decide not to stay in the hospital for a second. I ask my doctor to let me go home, hoping that everything will go very well. I still can't put in more than one cup of liquid, but I hope everything will work out at home. As for the pain, I think they will stop too. Big mistake & # 33Before I leave, one of the resident doctors tells me bluntly that I forgot that straw, chewing gum and coca-cola were invented.I don't mind the specification because I knew in advance what to give up. Until I leave, I still have 2 bags of food in my bag (infusions). With joy in my mind, I wait for the 2 bags of glucose to drain into me, so that I can go home.

I'm already in the second bag, when the nurses seconded by the head nurse rush into the living room, telling us that we have to move to another living room. The thing about moving is like transhumanism, because in the 2 weeks combined, there were patients who moved 4-5 times. We're moving, because the salon will be disinfected. We take our catrafuses and easily move to room 102.

Two of my salon colleagues are not common sense people. Because of the beds, I rush in and sit right in my bed and that of my colleague I mentioned. The colleague, a person in his 70s and a few years old, but with a lot of wisdom, does not comment and sits down where there are places left. It remains for me to sit in the worst bed in the room, but I don't care very much, although the mattress has little left and touches the floor. I am happy to go home, but I feel sorry for the one who will come in my place. Because it is impossible to stay in bed, I give up swallowing the rest of my glucose bag and prepare to leave.

The doctor tells me to see each other on the tenth day after the operation to remove my hair. I've only been bandaged once since I came from ATI. What frequency and how you should be bandaged, I don't know, I just know I'm going to a room where a nurse is trying to get my drain hose out.

My cut where the drain hose is hurts a lot, and the nurse is stubborn enough to pull on it and I feel faint in pain. On closer inspection, he sees that the hose is sewn to my skin. Why is it stubborn enough to pull him so hard? He comments on something with one of the doctors, about a person who did this engineering work and says that it is nush how many times when he meets something like that and that the person will ruffle it. It hurts so much for the tart, that I gladly offer to ruffle it myself, with the hope that I will leave it bald.

After this operation, I take my catrafuses, my mother, the sheets with recommendations and medical leave and proceed to the elevators. The elevator would say something again, but I think he held me back for the first time and swallowed his words. It surprises me that she doesn't call me like the ruddy Parpanghela, that she took me by elevator last time. Due to the fact that it is rare for someone to slip a piece of paper into their pocket, compared to the rest of the medical staff, the lifts are very disgusting ... because they just don't take anything from the sea. prey. I don't forget to say goodbye to Roxana before she bends over, who still can't get out of bed. She seems much more affected than I am. And I see in her eyes the regret that I am leaving and she remains there crucified on the hospital bed. He has no idea that the day he leaves home, I will return to the hospital to take his place.

They get home on their own. I'm glad I won the lottery when I manage to sneak into my bed. Heaven on earth & # 33 My mother always reproaches me for putting a cartload of money on it, but I am very happy and I feel that every penny spent has been invested with my head.

For the next 2 days I suffer from severe stomach pain, but also because of the main cut. I feel how the edges have hardened and the thread with which they are sewn feels like a thread of fire. I don't have a temperature higher than 37.7. They told me from the hospital that I would only call 38. I can't swallow anything anymore. There is no question of eating anything, neither mashed, nor strained, nor of any kind. I can only put a cup of plain water in the Oltenian table in 24 hours. Because of the pain, I can't sleep at night. I sleep in bed in the middle of the night, the rest fall asleep on an armchair that doesn't stretch, I just lift my legs. It's torturous, but I don't know how to rest. I am constantly in pain and live only with algocalmin ampoules and piafen. I feel like pulling my hair out of my head, because I did this operation. I feel that even if someone offered it to me for free, I would not accept it.

December 19, 2010 - I can't stand it and call the doctor to complain. The doctor makes me want to be in the hospital in half an hour, because it's Saturday and he has work in the office. I can't take all my luggage with me, but in half an hour, even though it's snowing on the mother of fire and it's cold outside, we can't even open the car doors ... I'm in room 101, and in a hospital bed. Roxana is at the second glass of methyl blue and is amazed that she sees me so soon. She's just getting ready to go home and she's handing me the baton.

I spent the next few days until December 27 as if someone had imprisoned me for life in Jilava. I will report the events without taking into account the data, because I no longer remember the exact chronology of the events.

Pain is my permanent guardian and it does not weaken me at all. Every day I complain of pain and invariably receive the same answer ... they will pass. The painkillers in the box are gone and my mother is going shopping at the hospital pharmacy.

If the first hospital bed was a nightmare, the one I'm sitting in now is like a torture table. After Roxana left, we managed to steal the headboards from under her mattress. I also found some pieces of cardboard (it's like putting an onion sheet under the mattress) and trying to upgrade my bed. The nurse, stimulated again by a 5 lei piece of paper, changed the sheets, but the mattresses are dressed in a kind of cloth that makes you wake up with the sheet on the mattress after a few hours. . Regardless of the changes made, each one spent in bed, straightens my bones in the opposite direction to normal. And everything is free & # 33 It's as if my belly is growing due to the curvature of the spine, which has started to bend backwards.

Every day in all 3 shifts, various nurses, known and unknown, perish on my bed. They all come to hunt for veins. They have nowhere to stab me and they are thinking of stabbing me in the legs. I totally reject the idea, because that way I won't be able to go to the toilet and I spend most of my wonderful time in the toilet, when I'm not in bed. Because of so many stings I am in my second pajamas and I am already full of blood on her. How soon I have to change. One day my patience comes to an end, apart from the fact that they sifted me like a sieve, I can no longer stand any branula, immediately the vein turns red and begins to burn.

An unknown nurse, who I believe was sent with experience, comes to me and tries to catch a vein. Her whole being emanates the eternal desire of the medical staffâ € ¦ money, money, money & # 33 She (torments me) until I feel like crying. Tears run down my cheeks and I can no longer control myself not only because of the pain, but also because of the humiliation and the idea that for every person who comes to my bed, I no longer represent anything, but all I see in myself the source of income through which I can round off the salaries I receive from the state. She, I think she's surprised, that for something as mundane as fixing a branula ... I cry. I think I kind of annoy her with my tears and she says, â € œWhy donâ € TMt you have any veins, madam? Â € I get angry immediately (it's like the last drop that fills the glass) and I put In response to all the annoyance and irony I am capable of: I don't have the veins to annoy medical staff, otherwise why do you think I don't have the veins? I was so stupid that I didn't think to take a backup home from home & # 33 My answer has an impact and I see that it doesn't suit her. In a way, she tries to apologize for being sent here as a specialist, but she leaves everything behind and passes me by, an impatient and naughty patient ... on the tour nurse.
The days go by with great difficulty, any event, even an annoying one ... is a reason for variation in my life. The cycle over the puppet after 2 days comes my cycle. That was what I was missing, otherwise everything was enchanting. Wet wipes are my ally no. 1.

Because of the pain I feel, the doctor decided to remove the thread from the main cut. With a scalpel blade, he cut my blue thread that holds the cut. He infiltrated me with xylin, but the drug didn't have time to take effect. After putting on a surgical glove, he unscrewed the edges of the cut with a pair of tweezers and now he says he wants to put a finger inside. The idea terrifies me, although I know that theoretically, xylin should protect me from pain.

The doctor ignores my protests and inserts his index finger into the freshly opened cut. I have no words to describe how much it hurts me. I feel the finger that has been sewn and it tells me that there is no problem & # 33 Problem ... well I see a big problem, if I got to put a finger in it. in my belly. After removing his finger, he coats me with betadine and the nurse pours me a mass of sterile dressing, in the freshly opened incision. The above procedure is repeated every day, for at least a week ... except that the doctor no longer puts his finger to touch the situation.

For a period of three days, my doctor leaves the country. He will leave me in the care of the 2 resident doctors and a colleague. During the 3 days, I can say that the resident doctors did not show me any special interest, they came with the dressing change, they asked me how I feel, they did not give me any kind of explanations and so on.

Dr. Munteanu's colleague's name is Răzvan Iosifescu. He is a super nice guy, cheerful and in general, from what I deduced, a generous man with colleagues and a big soul. As long as I'm his patient, he treats me with great care and never forgets to tell a joke or a joke. He comes to me every day and asks me about my health, but out of pacts he is also of the species "Surgeon secretofolius" and he doesn't tell me why I have these pains and why he forces me every day to clean up. Inside the incision. All the patients on the ward love him because he is a tonic doctor and has a special vocal timbre. It's impossible not to know when he came to work. It's as if the hospital is getting happier when morning comes. I don't know why, when it comes to visiting patients, everyone in the salon is interested. Even if you are not his patient, he asks you about your health. Rarely so man & # 33

One day, I ask him what he washes me with and he tells me it's chloramine. Well, as far as I know, chloramine is used to disinfect the toilet & # 33 and the substance it puts inside my cut? The substance is boric acid. And the doctor starts laughing, saying that's liquid.But I'm sure I know it's dust and Dr. Ichiman supports me, telling her that if she hasn't lived in the home, she doesn't know & # 33 Although I imagine that's the And the operated patients, however, I can't believe that everything is fine. Because of the dressing table, in the evening the cut starts and burns me and I feel like taking it out on my own. Every day I look forward to the night to go to the dressing room and get that mess out of there.

Among the nurses, I have to mention 2 names. Monica and Geta. The rest do not deserve any attention, because they are part of the haze that comes every day to fill their pockets with money.

Monica is tall, well-groomed, dark-skinned and a boyish haircut. It seems more normal than the army of colleagues. Because it is weekend the pharmacy is closed. I still need 4 bottles of PERFALGAN and 4 bottles of CONTROLOC. I have nowhere to buy them. He doesn't even have anyone to go for me to Carrefour or anywhere else where I was hoping a pharmacy would open. He offers to bring me the necessary bottles from home. She says she bought them for her husband. I don't think so, but I promise I'll buy them back. He refuses and says he doesn't need them. I ask her what money I need to give her and she says I don't need to give her anything. OMG & # 33 There's something wrong with this woman, who works in a hospital, where even the dogs in the parking lot want to take a piece of you. He keeps his word and brings me the promised medicines. However, I do not forget to reward her, because her behavior is to be appreciated.

Geta is thin, olive-faced and brunette. She doesn't seem too happy to be on the morning shift, where she invariably has to put on my brace. He torments me like the others, but he does his duty. Because of the amount of medicine we've been buying, we get to the bottom of the bag. I have to buy 2 more bottles of CONTROLOC, but I don't have any more money. I bought 14 bottles so far. He tells me to buy them from the pharmacy, but I explain that I have no money left (especially since I see that the expenses have not ended). They offer to get me 2 bottles of CONTROLOC. I don't know what her offer hides, but I accept them because the dragon in my stomach doesn't give me peace. He shows up the next day with the medication and doesn't seem to want anything. Because she has been supporting me for a few days and especially because she was offered, I also reward her with a few pink cards. Anyway, it would have cost me more if I bought them from the pharmacy.

The only thing I get from the hospital and I think because of a mistake is the last CLEXANE injections. I do not know what good fairy, signed in the drug case and receive free 3 ampoules of CLEXANE 0.4.

My doctor has returned from abroad and as he comes to the hospital he calls me for a report. He looks at my cut and even if he is still fussing he decides to send me home. Even if it hurts to death, even if I can't drink more than a cup of water, even if my stomach kills me in pain, I rejoice with all my being that I will leave hell. I quickly pack up and leave the hospital with happy legs, to get to my house and especially to my beloved bed.

I don't think I managed to describe all the moments spent in the hospital, it's very difficult and so I have to relive in my mind everything I lived there, I think there would be room to fill at least as many pages how much I've written so far. What can I say? Aside from the fact that I was terrorized by pain of all kinds, the worst was the terror of the atmosphere that breathes through every pore the withdrawal from the sight of money. I will never forget the enduring humiliations and the period in the hospital, because I never want to live such moments again.

Someone on the forum said that he had caused a scandal and that he had wiped everyone off on foot. This is just such a mental illusion, in reality you are in their hands and I can let you die without any regrets. We are only in Romania of Mr. Lázarescu and the children from the Giulesti maternity & # 33

Otherwise, let 's be healthy & # 33

St. John, Dr. R. Monteanu-6.12.2010 - GS.- Hospital Diary 1 *** Hospital Diary 2 *** Hospital Diary 3-or how I spent a night in Hell
Phase II op. 13.12.2010- The end of the Hospital Journal - or how the devils enjoy human weaknesses. *** Drugs

Traditions of Saint Andrew

Traditions of Saint Andrew & # 8211 Wolf Day

St. Andrew's Day is also called Wolf's Day or Lame Gadinet. It is known what the wolf symbolized for the Dacians, if their very flag had the appearance of a wolf-headed dragon.

It was believed and still is claimed that now, on November 30, the wolf becomes more agile, he can bend his stiff neck and nothing escapes him. Hence the belief that "the wolf sees its tail."

On the night of Saint Andrew, it is believed that wolves start talking, they can move their necks, they become more agile, and the people who hear them find terrible secrets. But the payoff is terrible, because these people will be attacked by wolves and turn into werewolves.

The day is celebrated in vain in the house, so that the wolves do not spoil the cattle. The danger is not only for the cattle, but also for the people who dare to go on the road, on the day when the wolf starts.

Also because of the wolves, they don't sweep all day, they don't throw out the garbage, they don't hurt the stables, they don't comb, they don't scratch, they don't give alms and they don't lend anything.

If the owners of the house do not work, the wolf cannot approach. However, when fate writes differently, the danger cannot be removed, because beyond those decided by Saint Andrew, no one can pass.

That night all the animals talk, but whoever listens to what they say dies. At midnight on St. Andrew's day the heavens open.

Even animals are not exempt from danger & # 8211 man does not do anything in the household, so that predators do not attack his cattle. However, they can also be protected with the help of crosses made of beeswax.

Traditions of Saint Andrew - The night of the undead

In the beliefs of the Romanian people everywhere, on November 29, on the night of Saint Andrew, the undead go out or walk.

It is believed that tonight the undead walk around and steal the hand of the cows, the minds of the people, and the fruit of the orchards.

Undead are spirits of the dead, who do not reach the world "beyond" after the funeral, or refuse to return "there" after visiting their relatives, on the great calendar holidays. Dead undead become very dangerous to the living: they take the lives of close relatives, bring disease, hail, and other afflictions.

After the evils caused and the place where they work, the undead can be water and land, cattle and hives, rain and fire. They travel on Earth and in the water, shouting and meowing, riding on the raft, on the broomstick, on the barrel or in the boot

In some parts of the country, it is believed that these undead take the straws and melita tongues they find outside, through people's yards and go abroad, where they fight with them.

Against these dangers, the Romanian peasant uses garlic. Equally, their house, stable, huts, doors and windows are greased with crushed garlic to drive away evil spirits from humans and animals.

Women take care that such objects are not left out. It is also said that they dance at the crossroads, to the crowing of roosters. They fight with the living undead, that is, with the human undead. The next day, they know each other by the scratches on their faces.

The old women or the undead, before leaving the house on the chimney, anoint their feet with lard. They often ring the bells at the church. When they have no one to fight with, they go to people's houses, but all the housewives have taken defensive measures: they have eaten garlic, they have anointed their foreheads, their chests, their backs and their wrists. They anointed the windows, the doors, the chimneys, the stairs, the door handles, the oxen and the horned cows, the tongs, the crate, and the ax.

In some places, garlic is first rolled in soot. Some also clog the stove chimney.

If the undead can't find a place to enter the house, then they try to call out those inside. The undead comes and shouts at the window: "Did you eat garlic?". If the man answers, he silences him, depriving him of his voice, and if he is silent, he goes about his business and tries on those who have not eaten garlic.

It is said that tonight the animals catch words. Beware of hearing them, for they foretell death!

Traditions of Saint Andrew - Finding the bear

What do their girls want more than to find out about the bear.

On the night of November 29, the eve of Saint Andrew brings a lot of hustle and bustle for the girls and women from Maramureş. The girls ready to get married can't wait for the evening to come so that they can find out their curse while the women take care of the protection of the house and the household for the whole next year.

In order for these things, both girls and women to succeed, they must go through traditional rituals whose age is not known exactly.

In order to know who will be their husband, the girls use the famous very salty dough cake, also called Andrei's cake, which after being ready to knead ends up baked on hot coals. Half is eaten before bed to quench thirst, and the other half is wiped under the pillow until morning. The dream in which a young man comes to bring drinking water to the young girl, will be dreamed only if the wedding will take place in the period following fasting.

If the future husband refuses to appear in a dream with drinking water, then the young virgin will have to wait.

Another tradition shows how some young women still try to see their future husband in the middle of the night. Sitting completely naked between two mirrors, in the dark room, with a candle in each hand, they try to look in the front mirror to see images reflected from the rearview mirror. It is said that scenes of life begin to perish before her eyes, that the young woman sees her future husband or, in some cases, that scenes from the future are revealed to her.

Until Christmas, women no longer weave or twist, so as not to arouse the wrath of the Mother of God.

On the other hand, the weather conditions on the night of Saint Andrew can predict how the winter will be, which will not be hard, if it is clear and warm outside. Instead, a dark sky with a full moon, snow or rain is a sign of winter with large Trojans.

Some elders observe the sky on the night of St. Andrew and predict whether the new year will be rich or poor, rainy or dry, but also whether it will be peace or war.

Tradition also says that girls, on the eve of St. Andrew, try to find their future in the water. Thus, they throw lead or molten tin into the water, which, hardening, foreshadows the face of the future husband.

Also on the evening of November 29, several young men and women gather at a house. On a table, they put several garlic hats, surrounded by incense, myrrh and a few lighted Easter candles. Then I put different dishes on the table, eat, talk and laugh with all my good will, until the dawn of the day.

The girls share the garlic with each other, which they take to church the next day to be consecrated by the priest. This garlic is placed on the iconic shelf, being good to make for love.

In other areas of our country, garlic is guarded as follows:

  • In a household, 10-12 girls gather, each girl having a loaf of bread, three heads of garlic, a sprig of basil, tied with a red thread and a bottle of brandy. These things are placed on a table in a corner of the house, and covered with a red brocade. Next to things, on the table, sits a candlestick with a lighted candle, which burns from evening to day.
  • Next to the table, one on the right and one on the left, there are two babes on guard, who take good care not to steal from things, or for anyone to get their hands on them. They sit there until morning. Boys with fiddlers also come to this party. It was sung and spent until dawn.
  • When it's daylight, the chorus is played outside. A young man plays in the middle of the choir all the things of the girls, guarded by the old women. After the game, the girls take their things and share them with the lads. Bread is eaten, brandy is drunk, garlic is kept for healing. When the cattle are sick, they are given borscht or come and pass them.
  • If they steal garlic, it's not good at all: the girl won't do well. Guarded garlic is sown in spring. If you go a long way, take some garlic with you.

Also, the garlic worn on the waist will serve as a therapeutic remedy and will bring suitors.

It is also believed that the sprouted wheat threads, eaten in the salad on the Eve of the Epiphany, bring the face of the bear into a dream.

Traditions of Saint Andrew & # 8211 Spells and charms

The night of St. Andrew is one of the most important of the year, for spells and charms.

It is also said that at midnight Saint Andrew the heavens open, this being the night of spells and charms.

The girls measure nine full cups of water, and pour them into a bowl, which is placed under the icon. The next day, at dawn, the water from the bowl is measured again with the same cup. If there is water left on the bottom of the bowl, even a few drops, then they will be lucky, on the contrary, if the last cup remains unfilled properly, then they will not be lucky and will not get married.

On the night of Saint Andrew, all the wheat brings the bear in a dream. You just have to put 41 berries under the pillow. If you dream that someone is taking your wheat, you will surely marry him.

On Saint Andrew's Day, the girls make a loaf of leavened bread, placing a clove of garlic in the middle of it. Taken home, the coil is placed in a warm place, where it is left for a week. If the garlic rises in the middle of the coil, then the girl will be lucky. If she doesn't get up, the girl won't be lucky.

Some girls go to the fountain tonight, light an Easter candle and sink it with the bucket. When the water is well lit, the girl says: "Saint Andrew, Take out his face in front of the water, That in a dream to dream it, C-aievea to see it!". Then the water in the well is disturbed and the girl sees, it is said, the face of the bear.

Some make fun of themselves with 9 horseshoes, 9 spindles, 9 needles, 3 knives and a scythe, all heated in the fire. After they have reddened, they are taken out, extinguished in water and then enchanted.

The girls used to comb the wheat, since the first strands appeared, in order to have a beautiful and rich hair, admired like the sprouted wheat.

The bridesmaids hide a thread of basil under their pillow to dream of their bear.

The elders say that the appearance of the wheat planted by Saint Andrew also says something about the harvests of the following agricultural year. Beautiful and bushy wheat threads mean a rich harvest.

The tradition of Saint Andrew says that everyone in the house, especially the older girls and boys, sows wheat in a bowl or pot with earth. He will do better, he will be healthier and luckier, the wheat will grow better and grow more beautifully.

Traditions of Saint Andrew & # 8211 Other traditions

On the eve of the feast of St. Andrew is the opportune time when hosts can protect the household and animals from the beasts of the forest. To achieve this, tradition says that all sharp objects must be tied with string and placed well, so that they cannot be found on the day of the holiday.

All kitchen work, from cutting bread to cooking food, must be completed before midnight.

In order for evil not to catch on to us, we are not allowed to sweep, throw garbage in the house, comb our hair and borrow.

The comb also comes as an object forbidden by St. Andrew, so all hairstyles will be done on the eve. The comb has a symbolic equivalent to the claws of the wild and therefore must be placed under the string, well tied next to the other sharp household objects.

All these customs work usefully in the villages of Maramureş and people say that they have been verified over hundreds of years.

Believers go on a pilgrimage to St. Andrew's Cave, where there is a miracle-working icon and a particle from the Apostle's finger.

Also on this night, to test the fruitfulness of the orchards and fields, cherry twigs are brought into the house, which, if they bloom until Christmas, is a sign of abundance.

Another custom is to put wheat in an earthen pot, to see the fruitfulness of the fields, but also of the farmer's house in the new year.

Irish Wedding Traditions: Reconciliation Bells, Lucky Horseshoes, Feminine Handkerchief and more

Irish Wedding Photo:

Irish wedding traditions are steeped in the country's rich history and love of national heritage. If you plan to attend an Irish wedding, find out in advance about their traditions. The most common Irish wedding traditions they are: the bells of reconciliation, the lucky horseshoes, the enchanted handkerchief, the wild flowers, the salt and oatmeal, the dances, the tying of the hands, the wedding feast, the Claddagh rings, the Irish blessings.

When the Irish ring the bells of reconciliation, not only are evil spirits kept at a distance, but harmony is restored at the wedding. Being considered a traditional wedding gift, when the bells of reconciliation ring, an armistice is concluded between the quarrelsome families. Also, when these bells ring, the couple must stop arguing. Many Irish brides incorporate a small porcelain horseshoe into their bouquet of flowers for good luck. Many years ago brides used to wear real horseshoes at weddings, but today this is difficult to achieve, so this Irish tradition has been reformed. Some brides wear a horseshoe-shaped bracelet or a horseshoe-embroidered lace handkerchief. The horseshoe is always worn with the heads up so that luck does not come out.

The enchanted handkerchief is another wonderful Irish wedding tradition. The bride will wear a handkerchief with her on her wedding day. After the first child is born, she will sew the handkerchief worn at the wedding in the child's cap. It is hoped that if the baby is the girl, she will take off the handkerchief and wear it to the wedding when the time comes, thus repeating the process and carrying on this family heritage.

Instead of elaborate veils and large bouquets of roses, Irish brides prefer to wear a wreath of wild flowers and hold a bouquet of herbs and wild flowers. Another special tradition is that of salt and oatmeal. According to tradition, on the morning of the wedding day, the bride and groom will each eat three tablespoons of oatmeal with salt. It is believed that this will protect them from evil.

The Irish bride must be sure to keep both feet on the floor when dancing, otherwise the fairies could take control of her. Hand tying is an Irish tradition in which the bride and groom's wrists are tied together with a ceremonial ribbon. This tradition dates back hundreds of years. Today, some Irish couples still choose to include the hand-tying ceremony in their wedding ceremony. The traditional wedding feast consists of serving dishes such as: fruit cakes and beef with cabbage. The drink served at an Irish wedding is the golden fear. The wedding cake is the focal point of an Irish wedding and it is unheard of for it to have green icing.

Wearing Claddagh rings is probably the most popular Irish wedding ritual. When worn on the right hand, the ring indicates that the person in question has taken love into account. When the ring is worn on the left hand, its wearer is married or has undergone the ceremony of tying his hands. Regarding wedding blessings, couples can write them themselves or ask the priest officiating the marriage to read their blessings. Irish wedding traditions are a source of cultural pride for them and add a special charm to the wedding ceremony.

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