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The Lorax's Truffula Trees!

The Lorax's Truffula Trees!

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  • Prep 30min
  • Total50min
  • Servings24

A few simple ingredients are all you need to bake up some delicious and cute truffula trees for a Lorax party! Serve them on a brightly colored cake stand for guests to enjoy.MORE+LESS-


Updated March 7, 2017



box (16.25 oz) Betty Crocker™ Cake Mix White

3 1/2

cups powdered sugar


teaspoon vanilla extract


tablespoons heavy whipping cream


drops green food coloring


package pretzel stick rods


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  • 1

    Bake white cupcakes in mini-muffin pan according to package instructions.

  • 2

    Beat butter for 1 minute and add powdered sugar in 1 cup intervals, beating thoroughly between each addition, until creamy. Add in vanilla and cream. Beat well for 2 minutes. Add in green food coloring until frosting is grass green.

  • 3

    Use a fluted pastry tip to pipe grass on top of cooled mini cupcakes.

  • 4

    Place tufts of cotton candy on top of pretzel sticks using a bit of extra frosting to help stick the two together.

  • 5

    Stick the pretzel rod carefully into the center of the grass green cupcake.

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More About This Recipe

  • With a few whimsical and festive touches, you can dress up your party space and serve some tasty treats! Your inspiration? Truffula Trees from Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. Central to the movie, these trees feature colorful wooly branches that support the forest ecosystem of “Thneed-Ville.”Use inexpensive Astroturf (available at most hardware stores) as a grass-like party table covering. Print and frame assorted Lorax movie posters (available online) and display on your dessert table. Next, set up a simple arts and crafts station for kids to create their own Truffula Trees using pipe cleaners and colored pom-poms.As for desserts, a few simple ingredients are all you need to bake up some deliciously dramatic Truffula Tree Treats for your Lorax party. Present them on a brightly colored cake stand for guests to enjoy!

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