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Hot Turkey Sandwich New recipes

Hot Turkey Sandwich

Hot turkey sandwich. The easiest way to prepare turkey leftovers, as an open-faced sandwich, topped with leftover turkey and gravy.Photography Credit:Elise BauerEvery year, for as long as I can remember, my parents have prepared a huge (18-20 pound or more) turkey for our family on Thanksgiving Day.Every year, without fail, my mother or father prepares open-faced, hot turkey sandwiches with leftover turkey and gravy for days following.

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Meet the Latest Lemony Girl Scout Cookie New recipes

Meet the Latest Lemony Girl Scout Cookie

Introducing & 39;Savannah Smiles& 39;It& 39;s Girl Scout cookie season, and although Thin Mints may always be the most popular of them all, the organization has released their newest cookie: Savannah Smiles.The cookie is named after Savannah, Ga., where founder Juliette Gordon Low started the organization.

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Pizza on slices of bread (crispy) New recipes

Pizza on slices of bread (crispy)

She's waiting for you! there is another tray (I made 2-one for you especially) 12 slices of bread at room temperature200 grams of spicy chicken salami1 canned 400 grams of tomatoes200 grams of grated Dutch cheese2 eggs1 onions2 red peppersmix of Italian spices for sauces and pizza1 teaspoon garlic powdercooking baking paper : -Preparation time: less than 60 minutes RECIPE PREPARATION Pizza on slices of bread (crispy): Spread the baking paper in the oven tray and heat the oven to high temperature.

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Spirited Cooking: Boozy Cupcakes New recipes

Spirited Cooking: Boozy Cupcakes

A roadmap for Mardi Gras food lovers and wine-o’sBoozy cupcakes for Valentine& 39;s Day.Forget chocolate. To show your sweetheart just how much you care this Valentine’s Day, you need to bake something delicious. But a batch of regular old Toll House cookies isn’t going to cut it. (That goes double for oatmeal cookies.

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Dessert with yogurt and blueberries New recipes

Dessert with yogurt and blueberries

It is an easy dessert to make, very tasty and to the liking of the whole family-1 glass 400 ml Greek yogurt-2 tablespoons honey-150 blueberries-4 tablespoons bran oats-1 tablespoon sugar-1 teaspoon ground cinnamonPortions: 4Preparation time: under 30 minutes RECIPE PREPARATION Dessert with yogurt and blueberries: In a bowl put the yogurt, honey, sugar and cinnamon and beat with a mixer until the sugar melts.

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Stuffed turkey breast New recipes

Stuffed turkey breast

Cut the chest crosswise to make it thinner. Put a plastic sheet on top and beat the meat lightly, to even out its thickness. Fry the ham in 2 tablespoons of oil. Add the mushrooms and fry them. Add the onion and caramelize it. Put the mixture in a bowl and add salt, pepper, green onions and parsley.

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