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Phytophagous rounds with stuffed potatoes New recipes

Phytophagous rounds with stuffed potatoes

Wash the potatoes and boil them in salted water and a teaspoon of vinegar, the potatoes will boil in the peel. Leave it until it is three-quarters boiled, then remove it and leave it to cool. with oil and it will be peppered, we leave it waiting until the grill is well heated, after which we place it on the grill, if it is the bigger medallion (thick) it will be left for about 7-10 minutes on each side, if it is not done let it is depending on the grill of each.

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Dessert Cake Flower - Diploma with fruit New recipes

Dessert Cake Flower - Diploma with fruit

Cele 8 ouă le-am mixat împreună cu zahărul până s-a dublat compoziția și s-a albit. Am pus apoi pe bain marie, amestecând în continuu până a început să se îngroașe ușor. Nu trebuie lăsat prea mult pentru că se poate tăia crema de gălbenușuri. Apoi am dat la răcit.Între timp, am scos ananasul din compot, l-am tăiat bucățele și am pus siropul într-un vas.

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Greek Guacamole New recipes

Greek Guacamole

Plain-old guac gets a Mediterranean makeover with this fun recipe twist! Fresh basil, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, and zesty lemon join avocado in this quick & healthful dip.MORE+LESS-Updated October 10, 20143small avocados, very ripe1/2small shallot, finely diced2tablespoons roasted red peppers OR sundried tomatoes, finely diced1/4cup fresh basil, finely chopped2tablespoons kalamata olives, finely chopped1lemon, squeezed (reserve juice; remainder can be discarded)1bag Food Should Taste Good™ olive tortilla chipsHide Images1In a medium bowl, use a fork to smash the avocado until chunky.

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Dessert cake with nuts and cranberries New recipes

Dessert cake with nuts and cranberries

Pre-brown the chopped walnuts and leave to stand. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Mix the egg whites with a powder of extra fine salt and when they start to take on volume, gradually add the powdered sugar and the vanilla sugar. Continue mixing and when the powdered sugar is no longer felt in the composition, add the egg yolks, one by one and then the flour. white, "in the rain."

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When is St. Patrick's Day 2018? New recipes

When is St. Patrick's Day 2018?

You& 39;re in luck: We have everything you need to plan your celebrationistockphoto.comHappy St. Patty& 39;s Day, lads!On St. Patrick& 39;s Day, it seems like everyone suddenly claims to be at least a little Irish. It& 39;s not all green beer and cocktails. Irish tradition dictates certain foods that are typically served on the holiday, for instance.

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10 Best Airline Meals in Europe New recipes

10 Best Airline Meals in Europe

Nikos Loukas, founder of InFlightFeed, shares the best pre-order airline meals he has eaten inflightMy fascination with airline meals began a long time ago. Like many, I am intrigued by the little trays the flight attendants serve us during the flight. My friends, however, think my fascination with this subject matter is a little like Alex Forrest (you know, Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction).

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